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Why Parenting May Be Your 'Highest' Calling
Researchers re-vamp Maslow's famed hierarchy of needs, replacing "self-actualization" with something more self-giving.
Snakes, Spiders, and the Science of Gender
Why do women tend to be more afraid of creepy crawlies than men?
Turning Child's Play into a Passion Play
How we might consider observing Lent after Easter.
Little Girls and Single Ladies
The backlash to the video of 8-year-olds gyrating to Beyonce suggests there's still hope for our culture.
Young, Single Women Outearn Male Counterparts
Does this signal a bridge in the perennial gender pay gap?
Why There's No Narnia in Our Home
Forget 'Slaughterhouse Five'—there's enough bloodshed in some of the best children's literature to raise my parenting fears.
Artist Profile: Anna Kocher
The Philadelphia painter finds 'gritty physicality' in motherhood and in faith.
Glow-in-the-Dark Bark
Ruppy, the world's first transgenic dog, raises questions about the ramifications of genetic tinkering.
The Faith of Our Mothers
Surveying the countless women in history who lived audaciously for Christ, we have a tall order to fill.
Breast-feeding Dolls: Cute or Creepy?
I'm pretty ambivalent about Bebe Gloton, the world's first electronically nursing doll.
Baby Dies Aboard United Airways Flight: A Response
In our eagerness to assign blame, mothers usually bear the brunt of tragedies like this.
Michelle Obama Tackles Childhood Obesity
The First Lady has been criticized for mentioning her daughters' weight to launch the 'Let's Move!' campaign.
Amid Bribery Scandal, Wal-Mart Contest Attracts Christians
T. J. Foltz says his clean-water nonprofit works because 84 percent of Americans shop at the superstore chain.
Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Children?
Questions linger as last of Nadya Suleman's octuplets heads home.
What to Do with Smoking Moms
New research makes me reexamine smoking as a women's issue, and question when it's time to speak up.
The Trouble with Depicting Jesus
Is a Bible showing the Holy Family in traditional Indian clothes any worse than one depicting them as doe-eyed Caucasians in pastels?
The Secret (Moral) Life of Babies
Does the fact that infants seem to have an innate morality suggest divine intervention?
Of God and Galaxies
Now that the Cold War is over and we have an economic crisis on our hands, is space exploration still justified?
Apple Takes a Bite Out of Sexting
Is a parental-control device the best way to teach teens that sending sexually explicit texts is a bad idea?

Top Story January 25, 2021

Gambia’s Christians Take a Stand in the Public Square
Gambia’s Christians Take a Stand in the Public Square
After generations of avoiding politics, believers come together to work and pray for the nation’s future.

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