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The Lapsed Evangelical Critic
Bart Ehrman's doubt as a student at Moody has turned to agnosticism.
Jesus' Sermon for Moderns
Ethics for Christians in Living the Sermon on the Mount.
Word Power
A little knowledge of New Testament Greek can be a dangerous, or edifying, thing
A Practical Understanding of Jesus' Life
Tim Stafford interprets Jesus' life for a new generation in Surprised by Jesus.
Israel's Anti-Family Values
Christians should be outraged by a law thwarting Israeli-Palestinian marriages
Jesus Out of Focus
The Da Vinci Code is raising issues that go to the heart of the Christian faith—and it's starting to confuse us all.
The Early Church on Jesus
Ben Witherington offers a potpourri of thoughts about early Christian belief.
A Grounded Faith
Jesus and Archaeology digs deep for biblical insights.
The Greatest Story Never Read
Recovering biblical literacy in the church.
Christ's Story
A top-notch scholar drops academic language for a basic retelling of Jesus'

Top Story March 7, 2021

Died: Larry Crabb, Christian Counselor Who Kept Exploring
Died: Larry Crabb, Christian Counselor Who Kept Exploring
Author of ‘Effective Biblical Counseling,’ ‘Inside Out,' ‘Shattered Dreams,’ and ‘SoulTalk’ taught that aching souls long for the Triune God.

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