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First English Translation Published
First English Translation Published
Temple Mount on Shaky Ground?
Temple Mount on Shaky Ground?
Violence Puts Archaeologists Between Rocks, Hard Places
About half of the planned excavations in the Holy Land this summer have been canceled
Explorers of Noah's Lost Ark
Citing new satellite images, team seeks to 'solidify the faith of many Christians.'
Revising David and Solomon
Archeological study questions the Bible's take on Israel's united kingdom.
Academia Loses Interest in Excavations
Archaeology in Turkey: Major Finds in Asia Minor
But researchers say Turkish government is shutting them out.
Scholars Aim to Bust Archaeological Fantasies
Peer review can take years—but academic society says some claims can be dismissed in a few blog posts.
James Ossuary Verdict Not Set In Stone
Biblical archaeologists still split over conclusion of long-running Israeli court drama.
Why Two Tombs Compete for Jesus' Burial
Historic renovations at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre won't change some Protestants' preference for the Garden Tomb.
Do Photos Evidence Lost Edenic River?
Do Photos Evidence Lost Edenic River?
Smut Tax Raises Questions, but Not Revenue
Smut Tax Raises Questions, but Not Revenue
Stunning New Evidence that Jesus Lived
Scholars link first-century bone box to James, brother of Jesus.
Ossuary Questions Remain
Israel Antiquities Authority says brother of Jesus inscription is a forgery, but supporters say its report may be flawed
Raiders of the Lost Pool
New finds bolster the historicity of John's Gospel.
70 Truckloads of Treasures
Temple Mount dig uncovers new finds.
Archaeology's Rebel: Bible in One Hand, Spade in the Other
Eilat Mazar is unafraid to claim archaeological finds of biblical proportions.
Trial on Antiquities Fraud Ends, But Not the Controversy
Judge doesn't rule whether James ossuary is authentic, but acquits antiquities collectors on almost all charges.
The Latest Challenge to the Bible's Accuracy: Abraham's Anachronistic Camels?
Despite the latest study of bones, evidence indicates the iconic desert animals do belong in Genesis.
Fake Dead Sea Scrolls Displayed at Museum of the Bible
Updated exhibit will focus on forgery.

Top Story October 28, 2020

More Pastors Endorse Political Candidates in 2020
More Pastors Endorse Political Candidates in 2020
But very few do so from the pulpit, according to the latest from LifeWay Research.

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