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First Came the BibleSubscriber Access Only
Four themes that characterize Beth Moore's teaching.
Kirk Cameron's 'Monumental' TaskSubscriber Access Only
Why I can't completely dismiss the historically shaky documentary.
My Cynical Christian Reality CheckSubscriber Access Only
How Pope Francis taught me about my own Christian stereotypes.
What Women Want: More Opportunities to ServeSubscriber Access Only
Need Christians to help and lead at church? I know plenty.
Do American Christians Need the Message of Grace or a Call to Holiness?Subscriber Access Only
Observers weigh in.
To Publish a PredatorSubscriber Access Only
What the regrettable Leadership Journal post reminds us about the nature of sexual abuse.
Give Us a King!: Leadership Theory for Election SeasonSubscriber Access Only
Historic trends bring context to Trump’s confounding popularity.
Beth Moore: I Found God in ‘Deep Valleys and Difficulties’Subscriber Access Only
The best-selling author and speaker talks about her past and her first-ever work of fiction.
Taylor Swift Breaks the Silence
Her recent legal case underscores the value of speaking out about sexual assault.
Debunking the 'Homewrecker' Myth after Kristen Stewart's AffairSubscriber Access Only
There's no such thing as 'the other woman' who acts completely alone.
Christian Catfights: Why Women Leaders Don't Support Each OtherSubscriber Access Only
Insecurities can cause women to undermine each other.
Where Have All the Women Leaders Gone? Subscriber Access Only
Seeking lives that steward our giftedness wisely and well.
The Church's Missing HalfSubscriber Access Only
What happens when women go underrepresented in the Body of Christ.
A Real Cause for Christian OutrageSubscriber Access Only
Believers around the world are dying for their faith. Where’s the evangelical groundswell for them?
How I Beat Back the Darkness after RapeSubscriber Access Only
I kept choosing life after being violated by my pastor.
When Dads Don't StaySubscriber Access Only
Confronting the reality of fatherlessness in America.
Our Own Worst Enemy?
Have Yourself a Merry Little FriendsmasSubscriber Access Only
The holidays can be hard. Don’t spend them alone.
The Stanford Rape Victim Said the Words I Couldn’tSubscriber Access Only
Why we all should pay attention to her bold account.
The Gospel of Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook and others have started to imitate, but can’t replace, church community.

Top Story July 5, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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