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Glocal Church MinistrySubscriber Access Only
Bob Roberts has an idea that may change American congregations, if not the world.
The Line Where Religions CollideSubscriber Access Only
Journalist and poet Eliza Grizwold says we can learn a lot about Christianity by surveying the region where they have clashed for 200 years.
Inside the Nixon Years
Chuck Colson tells the inside story of the most controversial relationship in Graham's life.
More than Saving SoulsSubscriber Access Only
Simon Chan on the ontology of the church, salvation, and liturgy.
Shaping Holy DisciplesSubscriber Access Only
Mark Dever says church discipline is not about punishment or self-help.
Our Geopolitical MomentSubscriber Access Only
Walter Russell Mead argues that evangelicals have a crucial role to play in American foreign affairs.
Unexpected DialogueSubscriber Access Only
Why is a former Chinese official talking to Luis Palau?
String Theory and HeavenSubscriber Access Only
Author Dinesh D'Souza says new scientific thinking bolsters the case for life after death.
The Freedom and Chaos of Sola ScripturaSubscriber Access Only
Historian Mark Noll helps unravel the uses and misuses of ‘the Bible alone.’
The Problem with Evangelical TheologiesSubscriber Access Only
Ben Witherington III thinks there is something fundamentally weak about each branch of the movement.
Q & A: Os Guinness on What Freedom in the Balance Looks LikeSubscriber Access Only
Why American Christians should work to sustain the American experiment.
The Love ShackSubscriber Access Only
William Paul Young explains the theology behind his best-selling novels and why he's no longer at war with himself.
Revoice’s Founder Answers the LGBT Conference’s Critics
Orientation is not necessarily sexual, Nate Collins says.
With All Your Heart, Soul, Wi-Fi, and WebsitesSubscriber Access Only
Stephen Lowe offers a biblical defense of online spiritual formation.
From the Printing Press to the iPhoneSubscriber Access Only
Shane Hipps urges Christians to discern the technology spirits.
Q&A: Francis Chan on Rob Bell and HellSubscriber Access Only
Why 'Erasing Hell' was his most difficult book, how 'Love Wins' prompted repentance, and whether 'Believe in Jesus or you'll go to hell' is good news.
The Mystic BaptistSubscriber Access Only
Why megachurch pastor Charles Stanley had spent so much time in prayer his whole life.
A Life Formed in the SpiritSubscriber Access Only
Richard Foster's disciplined attention to spiritual formation began early on.
Creating a Tear-Jerker EndingSubscriber Access Only
Donald Miller hints at what to expect from his upcoming book.
Christ at the CenterSubscriber Access Only
Michael Horton says we need to once again let our lives and churches be driven by the gospel.

Top Story July 7, 2020

Welcome to Christian Camps’ Weirdest, Hardest Summer
Welcome to Christian Camps’ Weirdest, Hardest Summer
More than a hundred sites have called off their peak season, while others reduced and reimagined their staple programs.

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