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Sex Sect The Family Cleans HouseSubscriber Access Only
The former Children of God movement is leaving its sex cult history behind as it shifts from radical legalism to more biblical behavior.
Blood and Tears in TibetSubscriber Access Only
The Dalai Lama says he appreciates Christian attempts to address persecution in his homeland
Leading Church Leaves AssociationSubscriber Access Only
Leading Church Leaves Association
ARTICLE: Toronto’s Mixed BlessingSubscriber Access Only
Holy laughter, miraculous healings, and renewed spirits are bringing shouts of 'Revival!' How ripe are the fruits of the Airport Vineyard Church?
BOOKS: Religion and ReligionsSubscriber Access Only
The Mormon-Evangelical DivideSubscriber Access Only
Beliefs that set Mormons apart, and evangelicals' response.
Roman Catholics: Scholars Dispute Interpretation of Fatima ProphecySubscriber Access Only
Many question whether attempted assassination of Pope fulfilled prophecy.
Muhammad amid the FaithsSubscriber Access Only
The prophet's interactions with paganism, Judaism, and Christianity birthed puzzling prophecies and a legacy of strife.
Nothing NewSubscriber Access Only
Popular spiritual author and Oprah favorite Eckhart Tolle quotes Jesus a lot. Is he a Christian?
Islam 101Subscriber Access Only
Basics of a foreign faith
Weighed Down by Karmic DebtSubscriber Access Only
Aspects of Tibetan spirituality should give Christians pause
Thinking StraighterSubscriber Access Only
Why the world's most famous atheist now believes in God.
Dental Miracle Reports Draw CriticismSubscriber Access Only
Son's Death Shakes Up SectSubscriber Access Only
Smorgasbord SpiritualitySubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals make a thin showing as the world's religions gather to make common cause.
Gospel GemSubscriber Access Only
How a dying jewelry tycoon shares the pearl of great price with Panama's elite
Vineyard Severs Ties with 'Toronto Blessing' ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Hollywood's IdolSubscriber Access Only
"CT visits the Dalai Lama, spiritual hero to millions"
Evangelist in Brigham Young's CourtSubscriber Access Only
Ravi Zacharias preaches to Mormons about the uniqueness of Christ.
What’s Behind the Sudden Rise of Jordan Peterson?Subscriber Access Only
Why Peterson's message of morals, manners and masculinity resonates with evangelicals.
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Preemptive Love’s Jeremy Courtney says despite the Turkey deal, “This crisis shows no sign of letting up, and we can’t either.”
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