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Official Presbyterian Publisher Issues 9/11 Conspiracy Book
Process theologian David Ray Griffin is among the most prominent proponents of theory that Bush administration, not Al Qaeda, was behind attacks.
Imprisoned Ministry
The future of Prison Fellowship's rehabilitation program, and other faith-based social services, are in the hands of an appeals court.
Back to Plan B
Plus: Who was Seattle's shooter? Greg Boyd's politics, Mel Gibson's anti-Semitism, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The NBA? Or the UN?
It's called the National Basketball Association, but it's looking quite international—thanks in great part to a Christian GM for the Dallas Mavs.
What's Next: Higher Education
Uniquely Christian: What evangelical leaders say are the priorities and challenges for the next 50 years.
Insuring a Virgin Birth
Plus: 1,000 skeletons found in catacombs, paying for church attendees, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Presbyterian Publisher Seeks Distance From 9/11 Conspiracy Book
But Westminster John Knox Press won't pull "spurious" and "questionable" volume.
Christian Coaches Face Off for Super Bowl XLI
The God of Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith isn't just for Sunday.
Ministries Eager but Skeptical on Cuban Change
Evangelistic and church groups not partying like it's 1989, when communism fell in Eastern Europe.
American Christians Embrace Islam
Plus: Same-sex marriage amendment has little hope of passing, Pat Robertson's protein shakes removed from GNC, Louisiana to ban abortions, China's top cardinal criticizes government over Tiananmen Square massacre, the date of the beast, and more articles
Not a Burning Issue
The Air Force drops a flag-folding ceremony over religious references, and no one cares.
Men Are from Mars Hill
Mark Driscoll praises Jesus, blasts mega-churches, and extols Reformed theology.
Braves Lose Focus
Faith Nights hit snag after major-league debut.
Class Warfare
Virginia megachurch sues county for barring theology courses.

Top Story February 28, 2021

Introducing: Surprised by Grief
Introducing: Surprised by Grief
On our new podcast, Daniel Harrell and Clarissa Moll discuss how sudden loss shapes the grief experience and influences the spiritual lives of those left behind.

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