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Can Egypt's Christian Assistant President Get Democracy Back on Track?Subscriber Access Only
Copts debate influence of Samir Marcos on Mohamed Morsy's presidential team.
175 Leaders Urge U.S. Support in Christianity's Historical Heartland; Egyptian Churches Not So SureSubscriber Access Only
Middle East Christians appreciate prayers, but political action brings mixed feelings.
How Libya's Martyrs Are Witnessing to EgyptSubscriber Access Only
Murders spark largest outreach ever amid new freedoms and new threats.
Why Christians Are Fleeing One of Africa's Oldest and Largest Christian HomelandsSubscriber Access Only
Beyond the search for a better life, evangelicals and Orthodox in Ethiopia increasingly share even more.
What Arab Christians Think of Wheaton-Hawkins 'Same God' DebateSubscriber Access Only
Controversy echoes what Mideast Christians have wrestled with for centuries.
Sectarian Cinema: Oscars Highlight Muslim Defense of Persecuted ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
“Watu Wote” shows the power and limits of African and Arab films to probe interfaith relations.
Let My People BuildSubscriber Access Only
After 160 years of suppression, Egypt makes room for new churches.
Friends of Zion’s Christians?
Overtures by US evangelicals to Arab churches tested by Trump’s Jerusalem decision.
To Defend Mideast Christians, Can Advocates Critique Islam?Subscriber Access Only
Diaspora leaders in America disagree on how to improve religious freedom back home.
Is Coptic Evangelism in Africa Really on the Rise?Subscriber Access Only
Egyptian church's troubles spill into Libya and Sudan.
A Tale of Two WeddingsSubscriber Access Only
Why protesting a drive-by shooting is complicated for Egypt's Christians.
Move Over, Al Jazeera: Arabic Christian TV Also Comes to AmericaSubscriber Access Only
In latest sign of how many Christians have fled the Arab Spring, SAT-7 follows them to the United States.
Identity Politics: Israeli Election Squeezes Arab ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Research suggests Christians are downplaying ‘Israeli’ and ‘Palestinian’ labels, but losing ministry opportunities as a result.
Christian TV Helps ISIS SurvivorsSubscriber Access Only
As Myriam, the girl who forgave ISIS, returns to school, Arabic broadcaster finds 'unconventional' way to bring education to other refugees.
Should Christians Join Muslims in Breaking Ramadan’s Daily Fast?Subscriber Access Only
In the Middle East, Christians even host iftars.
Does 1 Huge New Church in Egypt Make Up for Troubles with 24 Small Ones?
Government says worship in hundreds of unregistered churches is allowed. Will neighbors agree?
Spanning the Great Schism Between Evangelical and Orthodox ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Efforts to unite Christianity’s branches bear fruit.
Egyptian Exodus: 100 Christian Families Flee ISIS in Sinai PeninsulaSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical church at heart of interfaith and government efforts to provide relief and shelter.
ISIS Attacks Major Christian Monastery in EgyptSubscriber Access Only
Security stops Sinai assault on St. Catherine and its biblical library, but symbolism matters more.
Egypt Says Muslims Who Die Defending Churches Are Martyrs. One Just Did.
Cairo attack kills eight Christians and one Muslim, after Islamic authority declares a national duty to protect Copts from terrorism.

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The Old Testament Tells All
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