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What Student Ministry Really Needs? Homework.
Teens should take Bible study as seriously as school and sports practice.
How to Discipline in Love
(Even when your child makes you really, really mad.)
Sunday Church Services Are Not About You
Six tangible ways congregations can shift their gatherings from me to us.
Heaven Shines, But Who Cares?
The Bible's blueprint for paradise lowers the awe-inspiring to the everyday.
Who Says Social Media Can’t Make You Wise?
Done right, Facebook offers a chance for discernment and connection.
Can We Finally Break the Silence Around Tamar?
Telling the uncomfortable story of “desolate” Tamar positions us to show a kind of compassion King David didn’t.
The Cross Is Our Stairway to Heaven
Our salvation comes not from someone on our level, but from someone infinitely above it.
Think Fake News Is Scary? Try False Teaching
We learn to spot a lie by studying the truth.
Save the Drama: Raising Girls Who Speak Truth
Don’t let power plays manipulate young friendships.
The Mother of All Swear Words
Be (or become) the go-to for all your kids' questions.
Where Kids Get Their Political Views
In a heated election, Christian parents can model a measured response.
3 Ways to Prevent Bible Study Dropouts
What really keeps us engaged with the discipline of studying Scripture.
The Church Is Not a Single-Parent Family
Remembering the spiritual mothers of our faith.
La iglesia no es una familia de padres o madres solteras
Recordando a las madres espirituales de nuestra fe.
God Will Not Speak to You Through Skywriting
Our desperate pleas for a clear sign from the heavens may be answered already.
Let Bible Reading Get Back to Basics
The best tools and strategies are deceptively simple.
Stop Calling Everything a Bible Study
Why it matters what churches call their classes.
How to End Sibling Rivalry Like a Christian
No teasing, no favorites, and hours and hours of time with one other.
Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Lies
If we're created in the image of Perfect Truth, then we can't keep speaking with the forked tongue of the Serpent.
Church Is Not Gender Neutral
The case for women-only spaces in church.

Top Story September 20, 2020

God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
How to sort out the many disparities between the genealogies of Matthew and Luke.

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