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Curse Your Branches
The former Christian indie rock favorite now calls himself an agnostic, but his music remains haunted by the holy.
A Middle Way
There's a third side in the worship wars.
Turning the Gospel Ship Around
Lenny and Daniel Smith founded a new record company with the intent of celebrating creative, intelligent, and meaty worship music.
What Happened to My CCM?
Much has changed in a generation—the bands, the industry. Oh, and me.
The Strange Journey of Christian Rock and Roll
Randall Stephens’s history pays attention to political and cultural flash points—without losing focus on the music itself.
Groans Too Deep for Words
A new breed of bands sees instruments as more than accompaniment for praise lyrics.
The Alternative Music Label That Shaped Evangelical Culture
Tooth & Nail Records let Christian teenagers be both safe and subversive.
O for 7,000+ Tongues to Meep
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word birthed many more.
Around the Well
He says he's renounced the faith he grew up with, but Sam Beam's music—including his latest—is infused with religious imagery and spiritual longings.
Favorites at Play
What Would People Think If They Knew That I’m a ‘Jesus Freak’ Freak?
Yes, dcTalk’s defining album has some truly cheesy moments. But 20 years later, it’s still just really good.
The Pitch Goes On
My experiment with timeless, unchanging drone music.
Cut Me Down and Count My Rings
Volume 2: Albatross
A History of Christian Rock
Well, sort of. More accurately, the musings of one music fan who was weaned on the stuff.
How Not to Listen to the New Sufjan Stevens Album
Can we avoid turning the Brooklyn-based artist and Christian into a poster boy?

Top Story October 29, 2020

Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
How inner transformation shapes outward proclamation.

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