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Paradise Sky
The Dark Side of Dylan
Yes, his new album delves deeply into the shadows. But then, so does the gospel.
Mystery Highway
Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill team up for a winner.
Petra Meant Rock
On the re-release of two classics, an ode to one of the enduring bands in Christian rock history.
Trained to Thrill?
Catechumen, the first Christian video game with a decent budget, is garnering praise from critics.
Secular or Sacred?
Or neither? We should stop trying to define a dividing line, because when it comes to music, it's all spiritual.
Goodnight, Cornerstone
As the grand festival is held for the last time, a long-time participant remembers its power and glory.

Top Story January 20, 2021

Failed Trump Prophecies Offer a Lesson in Humility
Failed Trump Prophecies Offer a Lesson in Humility
Instead of persecuting prophets who have apologized, we might do better to join them.

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