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Female Heroes in a New Kind of Combat
Military women already serve and sacrifice in today's wars.
What the Benedict Papacy Meant for Women
Communication is key to the pope's legacy
Onward, Christian Couple
How marriages can survive deployment—with some help from the church.
History Channel’s ‘Bible’ Series Actually Teaching People–Especially Non-Christians
Nearly 7 in 10 viewers say they learned something new. And 3 in 10 are non-Christians.
A New Role for Women in Southern Baptist Agency
Trillia Newbell talks gender, race, and her appointment to the ERLC.
Houston Mayor Drops Pastor Subpoenas
National debate over religious freedom prompts withdrawal.
Sorry for Getting Excited to Shop at Target
How the fear of being ‘basic’ relates to ordinary Christian faithfulness.
Duck Dynasty Wife: The More Christians on Reality TV, the Better
How unexpected fame and quirky family has helped Jessica Robertson share her faith.
How to Succeed in Business Despite Stigma and Stereotypes
Christian executive offers advice for female entrepreneurs.
Duggars Blame Critics for ‘Unprecedented Attack’ on Their Faith and Family
In Fox News interview, reality star parents say media reports further victimize their daughters.
La misionera pionera Elisabeth Elliot camina por los portales del esplendor
Los libros de la viuda del mártir Jim Elliot eran un elemento básico en los hogares evangélicos.
Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Who Else Is Not Having Sex
The answer might surprise you.
Thousands of Jen Hatmaker Fans Bought Her Book for Strangers
For the Love, indeed.
Jerry Bridges' Pursuit of Holiness Has Come to an End
The beloved Navigators author and Bible teacher died Sunday.
Ken Starr Resigns from Baylor Leadership; Football Coach Art Briles To Be Fired
(UPDATED) Starr: 'The captain goes down with the ship.'
Q+A with Adam Grant: Does Our Calling Make Us More Creative?
The author of ‘Originals’ talks about how faith factors into our ideas and work.
Pro-Life Democrats Struggle with Clinton Challenging Status Quo
Hyde Amendment joins Johnson Amendment in no longer being sacrosanct.
Pew: More Sermons Endorse Clinton
Fewer pastors are politically engaged this election; fewer still are speaking for Trump from the pulpit.
InterVarsity Asks Staff to Choose a Stance on Sexuality
Campus ministry's push for theological consistency prompts painful backlash.
Died: Thomas Oden, Methodist Theologian Who Found Classical Christianity
His contribution to theology: nothing new. And that's what made him famous.

Top Story January 23, 2021

The Pro-Life Project Has a Playbook: Racial Justice History
The Pro-Life Project Has a Playbook: Racial Justice History
The anti-racism campaign is a model for the anti-abortion movement.

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