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Christian Teen Who Inspired with "Clouds" Dies of CancerSubscriber Access Only
Mother: "I told God, 'You can have him, but it had better be good. It had better be something big."
The Weapon Satan Can't StandSubscriber Access Only
Furious Love highlights spiritual warfare around the globe.
Our Writers' Favorite Posts from 2011Subscriber Access Only
Some in-house selections from the past year.
AAUP Sides with 'Traditionalist' Bible ProfSubscriber Access Only
Cedarville denied David Hoffeditz 'academic due process,' says association.
Honoring David Neff, The Gentleman ScholarSubscriber Access Only
A tribute to Christianity Today's esteemed editor in chief.
Why Boko Haram and ISIS Target WomenSubscriber Access Only
The oldest way to spread a religion is not to evangelize people; it’s to create new ones.
Oral Roberts U. to Cut 100 JobsSubscriber Access Only
Spokesman says the cuts are mainly to offset the school's $17 million deficit.
Same-Sex Marriage and the Single ChristianSubscriber Access Only
How marriage-happy churches are unwittingly fueling same-sex coupling—and leaving singles like me in the dust.
Lamenting My Prejudice Against Beautiful WomenSubscriber Access Only
When did I absorb the belief that being feminine means being shallow?
Zipping ItSubscriber Access Only
Donna Freitas says that when it comes to sexual ethics, nonreligious schools are failing their students.
The Top 10 Posts of 2011 - So FarSubscriber Access Only
What got our readers talking this year.
"Praise, Prayers, and Pleas"Subscriber Access Only
Robert Alter's new translation of Psalms returns text to Hebraic roots.
My Calling as a Female BreadwinnerSubscriber Access Only
Sometimes Christian women can’t help breaking traditional gender roles.
How We Forgot the Poverty of ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
The Incarnation is not a story we can package or market. It is also the greatest story ever told.
Of Gods and MenSubscriber Access Only
A quiet, profound meditation on martyrdom, based on a true story of Trappist monks.
Should Christians See 'Precious'?Subscriber Access Only
What is the spiritual benefit of watching hard-to-watch films?
Her.meneutics' Favorite Picture BooksSubscriber Access Only
We happen to think they aren't going away anytime soon.
'Common Word' Conference Commences Next WeekSubscriber Access Only
Gathering the fruit of last fall's Muslim-Christian letters.
An Open Apology to the Local ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Though much have I attended you, late have I loved you.
Who You Calling Brusque? Subscriber Access Only
Speak boldly and carry a red pen: A fellow female editor on Jill Abramson's firing
Baptists and Catholics Helped Save Thousands of Florida Marriages
How Baptists and Catholics Together Helped Save Thousands of Florida Marriages
A faith-based marriage campaign in Jacksonville appears to have driven divorce rates down. Can the model be replicated?
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