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The Cry of the Oil-Soaked Pelican
How the birds mired in the Gulf oil spill teach us to properly grieve.
Filling the Dad Gap
John Sowers addresses the root of many social ills.
Faith Healing: How Local Churches Are Stepping into Health Care's Gaps
The innovative Congregational Health Network in Memphis relies on local congregations to take care of their members.
Christians Urge Obama to Keep Conscience Clause
Today is the last day for arguments supporting medical workers' right to refuse to provide care that violates their conscience.
Top 10 Most Popular Posts, v. 2
What you clicked on the most during the second month of Her.meneutics.
Top 10 Posts of the Last 30 Days
What you read during the month of October.
Top 10 Posts of the Month
What got Her.meneutics' readers talking in June.
Top 10 Posts of the Past 30 Days
In case you missed them the first time, here are the recent posts that got readers talking.
Why I'm Giving Up Counting Calories for Lent
The practice has led me to believe, erroneously, that thinness is a virtue.
Stalked by a Priest
Donna Freitas's 'This Gorgeous Game', about a priest obsessed with a teenage girl, is a work of deep empathy and disturbing believability.
The Top 10 of 2010—So Far
The widest-read Her.meneutics posts of the year.
'Eat Pray Love' Book Club Discussion
For all the bad and the ugly in Elizabeth Gilbert's 2006 spiritual memoir, I wanted to hold on to the good. Here's what I found.
Vanguard U. Risks Losing Accreditation
The Assemblies of God school is $42 million in debt, lacks permanent leadership.
Oral Roberts U. to Cut 100 Jobs
Spokesman says the cuts are mainly to offset the school's $17 million deficit.
The Road to Resolutions
It's reportedly paved with high religiosity, say two Florida psychologists.
Looking for Lent in the News
Technology fasts, carbon fasts, and some of today's more striking Lenten practices.
Same-Sex Marriage and the Single Christian
How marriage-happy churches are unwittingly fueling same-sex coupling—and leaving singles like me in the dust.
Lamenting My Prejudice Against Beautiful Women
When did I absorb the belief that being feminine means being shallow?
The Church, Phoenix, and Immigration
How Christians in Phoenix are loving the sojourners among them.
The Glowing Pope
Why even ‘nones’ like my brother are taking notice.

Top Story January 23, 2021

Should Christians Worry Free Speech Is Eroding?
Quick to Listen | 1 hr 4 min
Should Christians Worry Free Speech Is Eroding?
What social media companies’ actions toward Trump mean about the state of the First Amendment.

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