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Finding Power in SubmissionSubscriber Access Only
Two feminist scholars write about women you'll recognize.
meetingGod@beliefnet.comSubscriber Access Only
I thought the high-powered, heady world of dot-coms—even dot-coms devoted to religion and spirituality—was far removed from my own walk with Christ
Art for God's SakeSubscriber Access Only
For over 20 years, Greg Wolfe has been weaving the braid of faith and art.
The Other Plan BSubscriber Access Only
Anne Lamott's sequel to 'Traveling Mercies'.
The Man Behind the MegachurchSubscriber Access Only
There would be no Willow Creek—no small groups, no women in leadership, no passion for service—without Gilbert Bilezikian.
Practicing ChastitySubscriber Access Only
A lifelong spiritual discipline for singles and marrieds.
Edgy SpiritualitySubscriber Access Only
Exchanging 'techniques and technology for love'.
New Song, Familiar TuneSubscriber Access Only
Jan Karon's latest Mitford installment changes locales to talk about living where you're at.
Open-Door Policy Part 3Subscriber Access Only
Gary Bauer's office problems signal a problem in our Christian understanding of both sex and work.
The Wright StuffSubscriber Access Only
With Velma Still Cooks in Leeway, Vinita Hampton Wright leads a quiet transformation of Christian fiction
Open-Door Policy, Part 2Subscriber Access Only
The Bauer campaign's gender-in-the-workplace controversy speaks to our confusion about the role of Christians in society
From Mass Evangelist to Soul FriendSubscriber Access Only
Leighton Ford's new ministry is, in many ways, like his former calling—only more personal
Truth, Suitable for FramingSubscriber Access Only
Before there was the Internet, there was the Talmud. And they have a lot in common.
Recipes for the SoulSubscriber Access Only
Phyllis Tickle thinks cookbooks and prayerbooks have a lot in common.
Good News for WitchesSubscriber Access Only
Every Halloween, thousands of Wiccans descend on Salem, Massachusetts—and local churches reach out.
Unfashionably GoodSubscriber Access Only
A savory collections of essays by Alan Jacobs.
Not Your Grandma's TestimonySubscriber Access Only
A 30-year-old ponders his spiritual journey in the evangelical subculture.
One Musician, Two GigsSubscriber Access Only
A church pianist by day, Deanna Witkowski lights up the New York jazz scene by night.
Whoa, Susannah!Subscriber Access Only
It's great music, but its portrayal of Christian hypocrisy will make you wince.
An Open-Door PolicySubscriber Access Only
Is meeting alone with a member of the opposite sex dangerous? Is taking steps against it sexist?
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining Denominations
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining DenominationsSubscriber Access Only
The 2020 project shows shifting complexity of organized religion.
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