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Answering Tough QuestionsSubscriber Access Only
Address the tough questions in life with grace and truth.
Spiritual RhythmSubscriber Access Only
Being with Jesus every season of your soul.
Native Americans, Europeans, & The Black BookSubscriber Access Only
How should the people of Christ think about Columbus Day?
It's a Flat World After AllSubscriber Access Only
Glocalization: How Followers of Christ Engage the New Flat Earth book review.
Turning Attenders Into Committed MembersSubscriber Access Only
The church is called to lead people toward meaningful spiritual growth.
Running with JonahSubscriber Access Only
Do we really want to be closer to God?
Can We Trust the God of Genocide?Subscriber Access Only
Yes—if we set our eyes on the Cross of Christ. A pastor's response.
Rabbit Trails to GodSubscriber Access Only
John Updike has made a career of writing the most theological novels in America
Deepen Your CallingSubscriber Access Only
Equip yourself and other leaders to understand and live out your callings.
Messy, Costly, Dirty MinistrySubscriber Access Only
The risk of welcoming those nobody else wants.
Trapped in the Cult of the Next ThingSubscriber Access Only
If ever there was a cult that gave us stones when we asked for bread, this is it.
Why Did a Lesbian Couple Choose Our Church?
Jesus' revolutionary touch puts transformation within reach.
The People and the Black Book Subscriber Access Only
One church's attempt to do justly
Breaking My Blood OathSubscriber Access Only
How did I become so dependent on digital media?
The Real Reality ShowSubscriber Access Only
Your Church Is Too SafeSubscriber Access Only
Why following Christ turns the world upside-down.
Jesus WeptSubscriber Access Only
God's love, mercy, passion, compassion, grief, and anger are chiseled down to two words
It's All in Your HeadSubscriber Access Only
Scripture places emormous emphasis on the renewal of our minds.
The Benefit of the DoubtSubscriber Access Only
The disciple Thomas reveals an important truth about faith.
Wreck the RoofSubscriber Access Only
Are you willing to take apart the church to bring people to Jesus?
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