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Taking Back Mars Hill—with Grace
Alister McGrath's new apologetics appeals to the deep longings of today's seekers.
The Man Who Wouldn’t Give Up
No matter how great the obstacles, William Carey expected great things and attempted great things.
George Whitefield: A Gallery of Leaders of the Awakening Army
Whitefield's co-workers in the great eighteenth-century revival.
The Weak Man Behind a Mighty Fortress
In intense turmoil, Luther wrote his greatest hymn.
Revival at Cane Ridge
What exactly happened at the most important camp meeting in American history?
The Great Divorce
For centuries Christians East and West lived as strangers to one another. Then Catholics violated the Orthodox.
A Story Darwin Might Love
"Brian McLaren's evolutionary interpretation of the faith promises more than it delivers, but what it delivers is good enough."
The Chinese Church's Delicate Dance
A conversation with the head of the Protestant Three-Self Patriotic Movement.
Patrick's Italian Brother
Lost amid the celebration of Patrick is the important story of Benedict, the father of western monasticism.

Top Story September 24, 2020

Marilynne Robinson’s Latest Novel Probes Predestination and Grace
Marilynne Robinson’s Latest Novel Probes the Mysteries of Predestination and Grace
Jack Boughton, the wayward pastor’s son, is a central character. So is Jesus.

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