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The Millenial Book Awards
A review of end-times books with only a wee, little bit of Y2K hype thrown in.
Bloody Pilgrimage
As the crusaders assaulted Jerusalem, the holy and savage joined hands.
A Profitable Little Business
The tragic economics of the slave trade.
William Wilberforce and the Abolition of the Slave Trade
From the Editor - Fishing for Compassion
Antony and the Desert Fathers: From the Editors - Models or Kooks?
The questions that hover in the background of this issue are as pressing as ever.
Discipleship by Numbers
A pretty effective formula for small souls (like mine).
We Can Overcome
A CT forum examines the subtle nature of the church's racial division—and offers hope.
Spectating As a Spiritual Discipline
For those who have eyes to watch, let them watch something more than highlight films.
Pirates vs. Braves
Reforming sports one city at a time.
Sports as Soap Opera
Sportswriters seem to have forgotten their godly calling.
Stopping Cultural Drift
An Asian Pentecostal argues that we need to know what the church is before we figure out what the church does.
A Taste for Excellence
Joe Maxwell knows everything from evangelicalism to skinning squirrels.
Glocal Church Ministry
Bob Roberts has an idea that may change American congregations, if not the world.
A Hidden Treasure
There's a divine reason the church mirrors the culture.

Top Story February 24, 2021

A World Vision Employee Is Still Awaiting Fair Trial in Israel
A World Vision Employee Is Still Awaiting Fair Trial in Israel
The charges against him don’t make sense. And his day in court has been delayed again and again.

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