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We would be deluding ourselves if we thought that evangelical thinking in our day has progressed very far.
The Scripture-Engaging Lincoln
A new biography is one of the best.
The Jesus of Africa
Contemporary African Christologies are rich and varied.
Where We Are and How We Got Here
50 years ago, evangelicals were a sideshow of American culture. Since then, it's been a long, strange trip. Here's a look at the influences that shaped the movement.
The story of 'Judgment Days' is a triumph and a tragedy.
The Constitution at 200: Should Christians Join the Celebration?
What’s biblical—and what’s not—about the grand old American document?
Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity? The Gift of Humility
Christianity has made a difference by surrounding the use of power with humility
Midwives of South Africa's Rebirth
The lives of Nelson Mandela and Alan Paton reveal that the road to freedom is through the Cross.
America's Growing Asian Churches
A new book offers ministry insights for their unique challenges.
Early Returns Are Mixed
Global evangelicals don't necessarily vote like American evangelicals.
Father of Modern Evangelicals
We still feel Whitefield's influence today.
Books & Culture' s Book of the Week: Diagnosing The Doctor
"A new assessment of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, preacher"
The Doctrine Doctor
Jaroslav Pelikan has written a history of the Christian tradition on a scale no one else has attempted in the twentieth century.
Singing the Word of God
Protestant reformer Martin Luther planted the seed that grew into a rich musical tradition culminating in Bach.
A World Without the King James Version
Where we would be without the most popular English Bible ever.
The Puzzling Faith of Abraham Lincoln
Where was God in this brutal national war? An unbaptized non-churchgoer came up with a profound answer.
Balancing Civility and Religion
The nation's public sociologist looks at America's religious diversity.
'Truth from the Evangelical Viewpoint'
What 'Christianity Today' meant to the movement 50 years ago.

Top Story January 17, 2021

Only Biblical Peacemaking Resolves Racial and Political Injustice
Only Biblical Peacemaking Resolves Racial and Political Injustice
No other group is better situated to bring healing to this land than the church.

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