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What Not to Say to a Pregnant WomanSubscriber Access Only
It's as if pregnant women walk around wearing sandwich boards that read, "Touch me. Say whatever you want. No, really."
Prodigal Children: If It Can Happen to John Piper, It Can Happen to YouSubscriber Access Only
There's nothing we fallible parents can do to ensure our kids will keep the faith.
When Doubt Comes to ChurchSubscriber Access Only
How should we respond to intellectual challenges to Christianity from inside the flock?
My Difficult Past Makes Me a Better Leader
The very things I saw as weaknesses, I now see as strengths.
Owning Redemptive Grief after the Ohio School ShootingSubscriber Access Only
Instead of speculating on why T.J. Lane killed three of his classmates, we are better off asking how to grieve the tragedy rightly.
Obese and BeautifulSubscriber Access Only
As the West exports its fat stigma to developing countries, the church might export its welcome embrace to those on all ends of the body mass index.
The Westboro Baptist in All of UsSubscriber Access Only
Granddaughters who left offer a cautionary tale for zealots.
3 Temptations of Leadership: Envy
It’s just one of the respectable sins we find easy to hide while it poisons us
God’s Grace Through the Pain of PregnancySubscriber Access Only
Nine months can feel like a long, dark valley.
The Unique FOMO of MotherhoodSubscriber Access Only
Living in the tension between my dreams and my family’s needs.
Taking Creative Liberties With CreationSubscriber Access Only
Does Wm. Paul Young’s Eve go too far?
Getting to the Root of Female MasturbationSubscriber Access Only
And the surprising role the church can play in helping women curb addiction to it.
Las bendiciones espirituales de buscar momentos a solas
Un pasaje del libro 'A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness.' [Un bello desastre: Encontrando esperanza en medio del quebranto.]
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Christian Celebrity
A dual temptation winks at every leader
Steubenville: Whatever Happened to Human Dignity?Subscriber Access Only
A discussion of rape, responsibility, and redemption.
3 Temptations of Leadership: Abuse of Power
Often masked as something else, the sin of leaders can hide in plain sight
My Encounter with Mental IllnessSubscriber Access Only
College is a seedbed for depression. Here's what Christian campuses can do to help.
The 'D Word' at U.S. Christian CollegesSubscriber Access Only
At my Christian university, we are working toward reconciliation across ethnic and racial lines. We have a ways to go.
Things Broke People DoSubscriber Access Only
We're not the only ones responsible for our financial state.
The Spiritual Blessings of Seeking SolitudeSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from 'A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness.'
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Is Your Trip Tourism or Missions?
Is Your Trip Tourism or Missions?
After years of debate, the line is blurrier than ever.
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