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What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman
It's as if pregnant women walk around wearing sandwich boards that read, "Touch me. Say whatever you want. No, really."
Virtual Flirting Comes to Christian Colleges
Is, the newest fad in Internet dating, a fun diversion or an impediment to healthy community?
More Guns, More Shootings?
As a Christian, I worry about an increasingly armed America.
The Spiritual Blessings of Seeking Solitude
An excerpt from 'A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness.'
Don’t Let Jean Vanier (or Other Heroes) Off the Hook
The rhetoric around fallen leaders often erodes our high call to holiness.
Prodigal Children: If It Can Happen to John Piper, It Can Happen to You
There's nothing we fallible parents can do to ensure our kids will keep the faith.
The War on Chores: Who Should Do More?
How husbands and wives can think about divvying up the responsibilities.
The Good, the Bad, and the Terrorist
Searching for an explanation for evil.
The “Gender Ghetto” in the Church
In a world of hurt, is fighting for a place at the table worth our time?
Taking Creative Liberties With Creation
Does Wm. Paul Young’s Eve go too far?
Getting to the Root of Female Masturbation
And the surprising role the church can play in helping women curb addiction to it.
When Doubt Comes to Church
How should we respond to intellectual challenges to Christianity from inside the flock?
Raising Christian Kids in a Sex-Filled Culture
We can’t isolate our kids from sin, but we can teach them to recognize it and learn from it.
Why We Don't Just Need Community, We Need Church
In our own sacred spaces and circles of friends, we can’t recreate the body of Christ.
Faith Unsettled
Pushing beyond the easy-believism of evangelicalism.
Remembering the Gospel with Alzheimer’s
Christian psychologist: ‘God has a way to reach them’
Blogging Truth to Power
Why we listen to watchdogs and whistleblowers (from two of us who have been there)
My Difficult Past Makes Me a Better Leader
The very things I saw as weaknesses, I now see as strengths.
Adderall Arrives at Christian Colleges
Are well-meaning evangelical faculty and administration in part to blame?
Mixed-Gender Housing, and Mixed-Gender Friendship
Christian colleges likely won't let men and women room together anytime soon. Will they teach men and women how to be friends?

Top Story September 24, 2020

Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
There are four marks of wounded healers.

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