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Community Chaste
It takes a church to lead people to sexual integrity.
The Trayvon Martin Case: A Moment for Evangelical Reflection
The tragedy underscores how far white churches have come on race relations—and how much farther we have to go.
Christian Dating Do-Over
If a new website and college event are any indication, a better "Define the Relationship" talk is afoot among young evangelicals.
Why Divorce Devastates Children
Divorce pulls the rug out from under a child's sense of self, contends Andrew Root in 'The Children of Divorce.'
Will Neighbor Love Persist after Hurricane Sandy?
It shouldn't take a natural disaster to get us to remember the people next door.
Steubenville: Whatever Happened to Human Dignity?
A discussion of rape, responsibility, and redemption.
Desperate for Their MRS. Degrees
Pressure to put a ring on it can distract from other pursuits and callings.
3 Temptations of Leadership: Abuse of Power
Often masked as something else, the sin of leaders can hide in plain sight
Shared Savior, Split Traditions
Why I try to be generous to Christians who see some important things differently.
Let the Pregnant Grads Walk
How we treat pregnant teens reveals more about us than them.
Going to College with Abuelita
Schools are learning to think in terms of families, not only individual students.
What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman
It's as if pregnant women walk around wearing sandwich boards that read, "Touch me. Say whatever you want. No, really."
Virtual Flirting Comes to Christian Colleges
Is, the newest fad in Internet dating, a fun diversion or an impediment to healthy community?
More Guns, More Shootings?
As a Christian, I worry about an increasingly armed America.
The Spiritual Blessings of Seeking Solitude
An excerpt from 'A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness.'
Don’t Let Jean Vanier (or Other Heroes) Off the Hook
The rhetoric around fallen leaders often erodes our high call to holiness.
Adderall Arrives at Christian Colleges
Are well-meaning evangelical faculty and administration in part to blame?
Mixed-Gender Housing, and Mixed-Gender Friendship
Christian colleges likely won't let men and women room together anytime soon. Will they teach men and women how to be friends?
My Encounter with Mental Illness
College is a seedbed for depression. Here's what Christian campuses can do to help.
The Westboro Baptist in All of Us
Granddaughters who left offer a cautionary tale for zealots.

Top Story February 27, 2021

Little Easters Get Us Through a Long Lent
Little Easters Get Us Through a Long Lent
Setting Sundays aside for joy infuses our grief with some glory.

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