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Warrior, Chief, Medicine Man
From the Editor
From the Editor
From the Editor
What It Takes to Worship Well
An interview with Tim Keller
An interview with Robert Hudnut
A Leadership Forum
From the Editors
Lasting Influence
Your job as a leader isn't over until over until you've prepared the next generation.
Singing and Slinging
Billy Graham's Home Field Advantage
Wherever he preaches, the great Crusader finds ways to make himself and the gospel right at home.
Two Minutes to Eternity
Why would God allow the miracle of birth to be followed so quickly by the mystery of death?
When the Light Goes Out
Not all desolation is a "dark night of the soul"
Catalyst Day 1: A Lab on Your Heart Condition
Mark Batterson's Primal call to purity of motivation
Gospel Infiltration
In ministry we have three primary means of bringing the gospel into the lives of others.
ABCs of the Pastoral Role
What you never expected to do when you first sensed God’s calling.
The Year of Fear
How do we minister amid terrorist attacks, racial violence, and the most polarized election in memory?
6 Rules for a Fair Fight
From the Editor

Top Story September 22, 2020

The Black Church Is Atlanta’s Original Community Organizer
The Black Church Is Atlanta’s Original Community Organizer
Long before Raphael Warnock’s Senate run, the biblical call for freedom for the oppressed stirred Atlanta Christians to social action.

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