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Why Churches Shouldn't Push Contraceptives to Their Singles
Reducing abortion is a noble and urgent goal. This is the wrong way to do it.
Should Yoga be Banned from Public Schools as a Religious Activity?
Three views on a possible church-state stretch.
The Divine Divide
The gods of America, and the difference they make. A review of 'America's Four Gods.'
The Center of the Good News
Why we can’t understand the gospel—or ourselves—without the Trinity. A review of 'The Deep Things of God.'
God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Body
It includes sex, diet, and sports—but so much more.
What's New Is Old: 'America's New Evangelicals'
Today's politically liberal evangelicals may not be as different as some imagine.
On Living in a Pandemic Age
Augustine, C. S. Lewis, and the perfection of fear.
Why Natural Law Arguments Make Evangelicals Uncomfortable
A recent paper highlights the differences between evangelical and Catholic defense of traditional marriage.
Christianizing the Social Network
Tim Challies looks at emerging technology through a theological lens.
How to Think about Social Networking in Churches
What do we do with virtual fellowship?
The Church's 'Intersex' Challenge
How should we respond to those who don’t seem to have been created male or female?
White Evangelicals Have a Complicated Relationship with Christian Nationalism
Three books try to make sense of this political ideology.
Culturally Focusing on the Family
How hipster evangelicals have fallen into the same consumerist traps as their parents.
Infanticide Debate Reflects a New Era for Abortion Politics
As states push for pro-choice protections, Christians have a growing obligation to defend the lives of babies born as “burdens.”
The Trouble with Ed Young's Rooftop Sexperiment
Yes, the church needs to talk more about sex. But pastors may need to talk about it less.
The Politics of Breast Cancer
Why the Komen Foundation's desire not to be "political" is understandable, but impossible.
Young Evangelicals Still at War? A Review of 'A Faith of Our Own'
Jonathan Merritt seeks a non-partisan faith, but leaving behind the left-right culture clashes is harder than it seems.
Time for Questions
Doubts multiply when we don't allow time and freedom to question.

Top Story January 19, 2021

Biden’s Big Bible Is Heavy with History, Symbolism
Biden’s Big Bible Is Heavy with History, Symbolism
Experts say the second Catholic president is pointing to American tradition and deep personal roots.

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