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What to Do When Your Child Is Nothing Like YouSubscriber Access Only
The gospel answer to the challenges posed by family differences.
When Parenting Gets Lost in the DetailsSubscriber Access Only
In a wave of books for modern moms, Gloria Furman’s gospel meditations offer a simple goal.
Give Thanks for What Others Have That You Don’t
This Thanksgiving, praise God for other people’s blessings—even the ones you wish for.
Lauren Chandler: How God Wrings Out Praise During Tough TimesSubscriber Access Only
The singer, pastor’s wife, and author opens up about God’s ‘Steadfast Love.’
Full Members at Age 1Subscriber Access Only
Are we welcoming children into all of church life?
Sin at the Clearance RackSubscriber Access Only
A bargain diva will tell you: Pride isn't just for big-spenders.
Let Them Eat DirtSubscriber Access Only
Undoing the guilt, delusion, and obsession of today’s parents.
How Can Churches Best Support Parents Who Adopt from Overseas?Subscriber Access Only
There are no easy formulas. Three views.
I Don't Want Your Good Vibes. I Want Prayer.Subscriber Access Only
There's no substitute for our communion with the Father.
My Family, In Black and WhiteSubscriber Access Only
Yes, we are different races. You can stop staring now.
"I Could Have Been Mad at God . …
The Casserole-Toting Church Ladies Hold the Secret To HappinessSubscriber Access Only
I found unexpected heroes—and a model for faithful living—in the elderly women at my church.
If Everything Is Awesome, Where Does That Leave God?Subscriber Access Only
The Almighty in the age of exaggeration and exclamation.
Four Lies That Keep Us from Church
These common untruths prevent us from fully participating in the body of Christ.
Don’t Just Pray AloneSubscriber Access Only
The world is desperate for people to pray with.
My Child's Backstory Is None of Your BusinessSubscriber Access Only
A call for discretion, respect, and neighborly love in adoption.
Why Jesus Doesn't Belong in Christmas DécorSubscriber Access Only
Our attempts to portray our Savior, babe or not, fall sinfully short.
Adopting a Kid, Not a CauseSubscriber Access Only
What ever happened to adopting simply out of the desire to have children?
Ajith Fernando: How Church Leaders Can Serve God's Family Without Neglecting Their Own Subscriber Access Only
'It's a huge balancing act, and I don't think anyone in the world is perfectly balanced!'
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Sex and Sunday School
A Small Talk Guest Post by Megan Hill
The Quiet Liturgy of Fred Rogers
The Quiet Liturgy of Fred Rogers
‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ taught us to love—not fear—our neighbor.
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