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Terry Jones Comments Linked to Egypt, Libya AttacksSubscriber Access Only
"Innocence of Muslims" film sparks violence against U.S. embassies.
'Protestant Rome' No More: Reformed Group Abandons GenevaSubscriber Access Only
Exchange rate of Swiss franc forces World Communion of Reformed Churches to relocate.
New York Times Now Run By Practicing CatholicSubscriber Access Only
New president and CEO Mark Thompson: "The truths of the Christian faith are objective truths."
Banned Cost-Sharing Ministry Tells Sick Kentucky Christians to Use CompetitorSubscriber Access Only
After court order, Medi-Share refers users to Samaritan Ministries.
Will Chinese Version of Twitter Spark More Religious Freedom?Subscriber Access Only
Researchers say Weibo has increased religious expression but not activism–yet.
Legalize Gay Marriages Yet Ban Them by Anglicans, Says British GovernmentSubscriber Access Only
Prime minister attempts to placate both gay activists and Church of England.
Ban on Churches Hosting High School Graduations Heads to Supreme CourtSubscriber Access Only
(Updated) Becket Fund appeals Seventh Circuit ruling that renting church auditoriums for public school graduations is unconstitutional.
List of Richest Pastors in Brazil Prompts White House PetitionSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Top-earner: UCKG founder Edir Macedo, whose autobiography just made U.S. debut.
Billy Graham Offers Advice on Growing OldSubscriber Access Only
New interview touches on money, retirement, relationships, and what Graham most looks forward to about heaven.
Colombia's Catholic Hospitals No Longer Have To Perform AbortionsSubscriber Access Only
High court says another high court's ruling is illegal.
The Main Reason for Declining Church Attendance: Children's Sports?Subscriber Access Only
Roundup of new religion research finds link.
Faith-Healing Couple Lets Another Child DieSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Pennsylvania judge refuses to let murder charges slide for Pennsylvania parents who allowed 8-month-old to die.
Are Christians Really Hypocrites? Barna Researchers Examine Actions, AttitudesSubscriber Access Only
Barna survey suggests that overcoming self-righteous tendencies is difficult for Christians–regardless of denomination or demographics. (Infographic)
Three Interesting Decisions Made Today by Southern Baptist LeadersSubscriber Access Only
Apart from Calvinism, annual meeting also weighs in on Boy Scouts, mental health, and child sex abuse.
Has Biblical Archaeology's 'Gold Rush' Found King David's Palace?Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Ruins at Khirbet Qeiyafa are largest-known buildings in ancient Judah.
After Superstorm Sandy, Advice for Churches from the First Christian Disaster Research CenterSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Wheaton College's new Humanitarian Disaster Institute.
After Election 2012: Living in the 'New Moral Landscape'Subscriber Access Only
A roundup of post-election buzz and responses.
Mark Regnerus Cleared Of Misconduct in Research Involving Gay ParentsSubscriber Access Only
UT Austin will stop investigating associate professor.
Judge Okays Bible-Verse Banners For CheerleadersSubscriber Access Only
Texas judge grants temporary injunction against superintendent's ban on religious-themed signs.
Judge Rules HHS Contraception Mandate Does Not Violate Religious FreedomSubscriber Access Only
Judge: "Indirect financial support of a practice" does not violate First Amendment rights.
They Run a Hip Vegan Restaurant—and Give All the Profits to Charity
They Run a Hip Vegan Restaurant—and Give All the Profits to Charity
How one NYC couple is aiming for a maximum return on investment in their business and life.
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