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Are Parents' Prayers for Miracle Healings Inhumane?
New study in Journal of Medical Ethics draws criticism.
Grand Canyon University Gets Free Mass. Campus
For-profit school established nonprofit arm to qualify, but Green family sees benefits in its model.
Doubting China's One-Child Policy Change
Why many advocacy groups are condemning another's optimistic report.
InterVarsity Wins Key Nondiscrimination Battle at Tufts
School amends "all comers" policy to exempt religious student group leaders.
Courts Issue Contradictory Rulings as Contraceptive Mandate Fines Begin
Ruling Roundup: For-profits seeking injunctions against HHS have 10-3 winning record.
Court Says Texas Can Ban Medicaid Funds To Planned Parenthood -- For Now
State ban on funds for clinics affiliated with abortion providers still under review.
Most Americans Think Nonprofits Spend 60% Too Much on Overhead
New study sheds light on donor perceptions of financial efficiency at nonprofits.
North America's "Punching Preacher" Banned From Entering the U.K.
Controversy surrounding revivalist Todd Bentley resurfaces in Western Europe.
InterVarsity Re-Instated As New York University Decides Leadership Policy Is "Common Sense, Not Discrimination"
SUNY Buffalo student judiciary rules religious clubs can hold leaders accountable.
Are Women Happy At Church? Nearly 75% Say Yes, Yet Feel Guilty
New Barna research shows "enormous range of experiences" for women in churches.
'Price-Tag' Attack at Latrun Monastery Draws Condemnation From Israeli Leaders
(UPDATED) Police have arrested one Israeli in connection with last year's graffiti attack.
Court in India's Most Hindu State Partially Repeals Anti-Conversion Law
Evangelical Fellowship of India wins court victory.
Spanish Cities Plan To Tax Church Property
Annual taxes on Catholic property with non-religious purposes could total 3 billion euros.
Mubi Massacre of 46 Students Linked To Nigeria's Boko Haram
Persecution watchdogs say Christians were targeted in school shootings.
The King's College Announces New President, Eight Months After Dinesh D'Souza's Resignation
(UPDATED) The King's College has selected Gregory Alan Thornbury as its new president.
(UPDATED) Church of the Holy Sepulchre Threatens Temporary Closure Over Jerusalem Water Bill
Church's bank account frozen over decades of unpaid utility bills.
Methodist Publisher Will Close All Cokesbury Bookstores, Sell Online Instead (Updated)
All 38 retail stores, plus 19 seminary locations, will close by April 2013.
The Most Troubling Violation of Human Rights? Conversion, Says U.N. Report
U.N. special rapporteur: Right to conversion is "unconditionally protected under international human rights law."
Jamaica Bans Preaching on Public Buses–Even by the Pope
Transit director: ""I am all for evangelizing, but they can't use the bus as their platform."
'Voices of Harlem' Black Churches Attract Crowds of European Travelers
(UPDATED) But declining membership means decreased tithes despite crowds of tourists.

Top Story March 1, 2021

Bethany Christian Will Allow LGBT Parents to Foster and Adopt
Bethany Christian Will Allow LGBT Parents to Foster and Adopt
The largest Christian adoption agency is now calling on “Christians with diverse beliefs” as it aims to serve more children under a new inclusion policy.

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