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Ted Haggard's FacebookSubscriber Access Only
A former New Life Church staffer watches the documentary.
"What Annoys You About Me?"
What we can learn when our kids point out our faults. A Small Talk guest post by Patton Dodd.
A Good Preacher Is Hard to FindSubscriber Access Only
Post-Rapture Radio
The Kingdom of Rock Is at HandSubscriber Access Only
A tour of the confused but worshipful world of Christian rock.
We Will, We Will Mock YouSubscriber Access Only
There's a fine line between irony and ire, and alas, Father John Misty crossed it.
New Life After the Fall of Ted HaggardSubscriber Access Only
How the megachurch healed—by remembering what it means to be the local church.
Motion Picture PrayerSubscriber Access Only
An overlooked summer thriller finds a new cinematic use for prayer.
A Better StorytellerSubscriber Access Only
Donald Miller helps culturally conflicted evangelicals make peace with their faith.
Let There Be Arcade FireSubscriber Access Only
The famous indie rock band reinvents itself in search of another 'passionate age.'

Top Story August 5, 2020

Why Many Christians Want to Leave Palestine. And Why Most Won’t.
Why Many Christians Want to Leave Palestine. And Why Most Won’t.
Survey of a thousand local believers finds majority desire a one-state solution, while few complain about religious freedom.

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