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‘Turning on’ Is Nothing NewSubscriber Access Only
Indonesia's Blasphemy Conviction Threatens Muslim Democracy. But I Still Have Hope.Subscriber Access Only
Why Christians should support the type of Muslims who support Ahok.
Saint Nicholas RevisitedSubscriber Access Only
The Problem with ProphetsSubscriber Access Only
In their zeal for social change, some evangelical activists stand on shaky biblical ground.
Home Away from HomeSubscriber Access Only
Lamin Sanneh has journeyed from Africa to the West, and from Islam to Christianity.
Iraq's Worrisome ConstitutionSubscriber Access Only
A future government will have to untangle the threads of a document that claims to be both Islamic and democratic.
Is Islam Receptive to Religious Freedom?
The short-term outlook appears grim, says scholar Daniel Philpott, but there are grounds for hope.

Top Story May 26, 2020

Who Am I That I Should Lead?
Who Am I That I Should Lead?
Some people need warnings to avoid the spotlight. Others need encouragement to step up.

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