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Primetime Pregnancy: Why We Need Birthing FilmsSubscriber Access Only
Most women go into birth not knowing what to expect. Why birthing videos can help.
Why Women Today Are Eating Their Own PlacentasSubscriber Access Only
Scripture and church tradition are silent on the practice. But they aren't silent about our need for community.
Five-Senses Spirituality: Why Our Whole Bodies Need GodSubscriber Access Only
'Awaken Your Senses' teaches Christians to know the Father through our flesh.
Taste and Smell That the Lord Is GoodSubscriber Access Only
Molly Birnbaum's book 'Season to Taste' reveals how our sense of smell connects us to places and people.
Anorexia and the Body of ChristSubscriber Access Only
Harriet Brown's success story using family based treatment for her daughter's eating disorder suggests we 'all' could stand to share meals.
Don't Blame the Bikini, Blame the Bikini CultureSubscriber Access Only
Talking modesty beyond two-piece v. one-piece.
Careful What You Click ForSubscriber Access Only
A call to steward our page views well.
How to Live a Better Life StorySubscriber Access Only
The power of revising our stories in light of the gospel.
Longing for a WatchmanSubscriber Access Only
Lessons on religion and racial justice from Harper Lee’s latest novel.
In Philadelphia, a Pastor Turned Business Owner and Accidental Arts Patron
How Paul Stone revived one factory and opened it to his neighbors.
Kay Warren Talks to CT about Her Battle with DepressionSubscriber Access Only
Why the Saddleback Church co-founder's newest book says happiness isn't enough.
How We Can Harness the New Domesticity Without Diminishing WomenSubscriber Access Only
Keeping house is part of God's work, too.
Inviting Christ to the Dinner TableSubscriber Access Only
A conversation with theologian Norman Wirzba, author of 'Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating'.
The King's Speech and DoulasSubscriber Access Only
What King George VI's speech therapist, Lionel Logue, and I have in common.
A Labor of Love: The Birth DoulaSubscriber Access Only
Caring for new moms starts in the delivery room.
Remembering Robert Farrar CaponSubscriber Access Only
The Episcopal priest and author died last week at age 88.
Keeping the Christmas In ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
It’s not holiday celebrations that need toning down; it’s the rest of the year.
Vaccines and Other Life-Saving Gifts from GodSubscriber Access Only
Why rejecting modern medicine runs contrary to Christian tradition.
Let's Be Honest: Labor Is TraumaSubscriber Access Only
As a doula and a mother, I know from experience that labor requires intense suffering.
Love Your Neighbor. Get Your Vaccines.Subscriber Access Only
How getting routine shots benefits not just you but your entire community.

Top Story July 7, 2020

Can the Church Save Marriage?
Can the Church Save Marriage?
Matrimony rates are in decline, even among conservative Christians. Here’s what that means for the future.

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