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Hymns on MTV
Combining mainstream appeal with spiritual depth, Jars of Clay is shaking up Contemporary Christian Music.
Jar Boys Meet Sgt. Pepper
If I Left the Zoo is even more daring than Jar's first two recordings.
The Wireless Gospel
Sixty-two years ago, Back to the Bible joined the radio revolution; now it is finding new media for its old message. A case study in evangelicals' love affiar with communications technology
The Kinkade Crusade
America's most collected artist is a Christian who seeks to sabotage Modernism by painting beauty, sentiment, and the memory of Eden.
No Luddites Here
Evangelicals have (almost) always been quick to adopt communications technologies.
Roots of the Chinese Church
Still Wrestling with the Devil
A visit with Jimmy Swaggart ten years after his fall.
Fundamentalist With Flair
"Cantankerous Carl McIntire protested against nearly every major expression of 20th-century Christianity, and always with a flourish"
2012: A School Odyssey
Baylor strives to go where no Christian university has gone before—in ten years
Hollywood’s Renegade Apostle
Unless films like The Apostle succeed, other worthy motion pictures stand little chance of being produced.
God and the Water Slide
Christian camping is bigger than ever, but some rituals never change.
Why the Bishops Went to Valdosta
In deepest Georgia, a Pentecostal congregation goes high church.

Top Story November 25, 2020

Sometimes, Telling Us More About the Pilgrims Actually Tells Us Less
Sometimes, Telling Us More About the Pilgrims Actually Tells Us Less
A new study touches on many factors that shaped life in Plymouth Colony. But the most important one gets lost in the laundry list.

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