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How Science Became a Weapon in the Mommy WarsSubscriber Access Only
Peer-reviewed research intensifies parenting debates… and can leave us even more confused.
Christians to Science: Leave Animals the Way God Designed Them—Except Mosquitoes
Pew finds 7 in 10 Americans, as well as highly committed evangelicals, say the pesky insects should be genetically engineered to reduce disease.
When Restoration HurtsSubscriber Access Only
Christian counselors grapple with how to encourage reconciliation while protecting victims.
Researchers: Faith Helps Mass Shooting Survivors
Psychologists find support from community and trust in God make a measurable impact.
Feeling Loved by God Buffers Body Esteem in Men More Than Women
Two psychologists at Hope College respond to Christian young adults who struggle with body satisfaction.
Why a ‘Health and Wealth’ Approach to Scripture Leaves Us More Depressed
Sociologists: The sick and poor are more likely to seek blessings through Bible-reading.
Templeton Prize Winner: Marcelo Gleiser, Physicist Who Beholds the Universe’s Mysteries
The agnostic is credited with bringing believers and religious questions into the scientific realm.
The Government Is Ending Fetal Tissue Research. Some Scientists Say We Don’t Need It.
How experts and pro-life advocates think the new policy will impact the future of medical study.
Beauty Can Be a Matter of PerspectiveSubscriber Access Only
We were created to view the world through two eyes.
There’s Proof that Scientists Don’t Hate Christians
Faith leaders have a better shot than celebrities at changing the narrative about religion and science.
Intelligent Designer Babies? Christians Tell Pew Their Views on Gene Editing
Most believers favor using CRISPR technology in babies to fix congenital conditions, but not to reduce risk of disease later in life.
How PEPFAR Galvanized Christians in the Fight to Eradicate AIDS
And why advocates say US commitment to the cause cannot let up now.
How Doctors and Scientists Apply Faith on the Front Lines
Six medical professionals share their spiritual practices in the midst of a pandemic.
Around the World in 46 ChromosomesSubscriber Access Only
I expected to discover myself in my DNA test. But I found us all.
Our First Mission Isn’t FinishedSubscriber Access Only
There’s plenty left to name in the sometimes silly, always vast field of taxonomy.
Wine, Wine, Wine!Subscriber Access Only
We’ve turned dying fruit into a durable drink for millennia but only recently understood it.
Traveling into SilenceSubscriber Access Only
A journey into two of the quietest places on earth.
The Key to Raising Kind KidsSubscriber Access Only
Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd says it’s closer than you think.
Understanding God’s Control When You’re a Climate ScientistSubscriber Access Only
A geophysicist on balancing God’s sovereignty over nature with human understanding of weather.
The March for Science Is Willing to Get Political. But Will It Welcome Religion?Subscriber Access Only
How evangelical scientists square their place in the global movement.

Top Story July 15, 2020

The Speed of Our Souls—and Our Soles
The Speed of Our Souls—and Our Soles
An avid walker explains why walking is good for spiritual growth.

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