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Fundamentalism Revisited
Evangelicals would do well to remember fundamentalism as family history.
ARTICLE: The Case for Christian Kitsch
ARTICLE: Tolerance Without Compromise
Christian engagement in an era of political rancor.
To the Jew First
Witnessing to the Jews is nonnegotiable.
Shoot-First Apologetics
What a dead bluebird taught Walter Martin about defending the faith.
Some Guidelines for the Christian Study of Man
Abraham Kuyper: A Man for This Season
The surprisingly relevant advice of a Dutch statesman for engaging postmodern culture.
From Kuyper to Keller: Why Princeton’s Prize Controversy Is So Ironic
A former winner explains how the seminary honor that once brought the Reformed community together is now splitting it.
The Postmodern Maze
Abraham Kuyper reminds us that only Christ can bring wholeness to our fragmented age.
Carl Henry Was Right
Christianity Today's first editor grasped what I as a young theologian failed to understand about church involvement in social justice.
An Open-Handed Gospel
We have to decide whether we have a stingy or a generous God.
The Task of ‘Christian Social Ethics’
The Chosen People Puzzle
When it comes to relating to the Jewish people, should we dialogue, cooperate, or evangelize?
How Theologians Have Failed Asian Christians—and How They Can Do Better
Rather than forcing “elite” agendas upon grassroots believers, says Simon Chan, we need to take their concerns seriously.
The Heresy of 'Individualism'?
The 'individualism' we profess is not only not a heresy—it is at the heart of the gospel.
Finding Christ Throughout — and Beyond — Scripture
We need both J. I. Packer's and the Orthodox Presbyterians' approaches to hear Christ speak.
"Plus: 'You're Right, Dr. McIntire!'"
"In the world of ecumenical Protestantism, some owe Carl McIntire an apology for dismissing his warnings"
Mormon Makeover
An effective evangelical witness hinges on understanding the new face of Latter-day Saints
This World Is Not My Home
What some mainline Protestants are rediscovering about living as exiles in a foreign culture.
Awakening the Evangelical Conscience
The New Evangelicals called for a fresh application of Christian truth to the social problems of the day.

Top Story November 24, 2020

She Knew She Was Called to Serve. Then COVID-19 Came.
She Knew She Was Called to Serve. Then COVID-19 Came.
Aboard a Mercy Ship, a kindergarten teacher asked, “Should I stay or should I go?”

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