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The Forgotten Side of the First World WarSubscriber Access Only
Philip Jenkins remembers the religious passions that set the world ablaze a century ago.
America's Founding May Not Have Been Christian, but It Sure Wasn't Anti-ChristianSubscriber Access Only
An atheist philosopher ignores religion’s place in Revolutionary America.
Preaching Liberty to the ColonistsSubscriber Access Only
The American revolutionaries justified their cause with ample appeals to Scripture. But what should Christians think of the conclusions they drew?
Thanksgiving Gets the Hallmark Treatment
How sentimentalism distorts the holiday’s past and present.
The First Thanksgiving We Don’t RememberSubscriber Access Only
Bad fortune, divine chastisement, and mercy after the Pilgrims feasted with the Wampanoag.
The Civil War Is More Than a Historical FascinationSubscriber Access Only
Why the clash between North and South remains relevant, 150 years later.
The Most Famous Metaphor of American Exceptionalism Is a Warning, Not a Boast
John Winthrop’s “city upon a hill” language wasn’t meant to puff up his hearers with pride but to send a chill down their spines.
When Being Pro-Life Didn't Make You a RepublicanSubscriber Access Only
Journeying back to America before Roe v. Wade is like entering The Twilight Zone.
Why Black Protestants and Evangelicals Still Preach Politics
Why Black Protestants and Evangelicals Still Preach Politics
Amid increasing polarization and shifting church trends, the black church continues to speak out on matters of justice.
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