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Q & A: Timothy Goeglein on Redemption After Plagiarism
The former aide to President George W. Bush explains ways to think theologically about repentance.
Migrating Focus
After Congress's health care vote, activists see a revival of interest in immigration reform.
Obama Expands Faith-Based Office
The President maintains Bush's hiring policy and shapes specific priorities for the office.
The Similarities and Differences in Eric Metaxas's and President Obama's Prayer Breakfast Addresses
The 'Bonhoeffer' biographer emphasized care for the unborn as the President emphasized care for the poor.
Racial Difference Without Division
The power of an ethnicity-honoring witness.
Q & A: Ron Paul on Leaving the Episcopal Church, and Whether to Legislate Abortion, Narcotics, & Same-Sex Marriage
The congressman who won the Values Voters Summit straw poll tells CT that he believes marriage is a sacrament but laws cannot change morality.
Joel Hunter Leads Blessing for Obama
Evangelical megachurch pastor reflects on the inauguration and gives a few predictions.
Women Telling the Story
Joel Hunter Prays with Obama
Evangelical pastor believes the new president-elect will have a listening ear.
Michael Gerson: Obama's Speech Rhetorically Flat, but Ideologically Interesting
A former presidential speechwriter examines President Obama's inaugural address.
Evangelicals Mounting Concerns over Obama Administration's Contraceptive Mandate
Protestants are increasingly joining Catholics in protesting Health & Human Services mandate.
False Distinction Between Gifts and Roles
The Big Dig: Unearthing Need in the Church

Top Story September 18, 2020

God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
How to sort out the many disparities between the genealogies of Matthew and Luke.

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