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The Poetry of PastoringSubscriber Access Only
Is "poet" a biblical model for ministry?
McKnight: Why Don't We Care About Global MissionsSubscriber Access Only
Explaining the American church's silence around The Cape Town Commitment.
The Old Testament and Holy War Texts
Texts in the Old Testament about holy war and war rape continue to challenge evangelical thinking.
Christmas Day Candle
Complicating Church and State and Law
The church's relationship to the state shows a complicated history for law itself.
McLaren Emerging
In his last two books, Brian McLaren presents more clearly than ever his vision of the gospel.
Working on Eternity
Ben Witherington sets earthly labor in kingdom context. A review of 'Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor.'
Pastors or Personalities?Subscriber Access Only
In a self-obsessed culture, pastors have exchanged "death to self" for self-promotion.
Scot McKnight: Spiritual EroticismSubscriber Access Only
Are we really in love with Jesus, or with the experience of loving Jesus?
Fourth Candle of Advent
Cohort Education at Northern Seminary: MA in New Testament
Seminary education is needed more today than at any time in church history.
Get Your Doctorate at Northern
A doctoral program can revitalize the ministry of pastors.
Weekly Meanderings
Our weekly selection of links across the web.
What's a "Kingdom" Ministry?
Kingdom is "in" and church is "out," but what's Kingdom?
When the Bible Ain't Pretty
Pondering Deut 21's war text provokes problems for the Bible reader.
A Lawyer and Pastor Enter a Bar...
... to discuss bankruptcy law
War Bride, War Rape, and Genocide Texts in the Bible
Webb and Oeste offer a powerful counter argument to traditional positions.
Weekly Meanderings, 14 March 2020
Our weekly selection of links across the web.
Prayer for Hearing God in the Quiet
A prayer for our day
A Prayer for Wisdom to Stay Home
A prayer that more will be wise

Top Story April 2, 2020

In Pandemic and in Health, I Make This Vow
In Pandemic and in Health, I Make This Vow
Engaged Americans are grappling with foiled wedding plans. But Christian couples face unique moral challenges.

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