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My Perfect Husband, and the Death Trap of Comparing MarriagesSubscriber Access Only
The danger of making your own marriage the gold standard for all others.
'Am I Pretty?:' A Troubling Question among Christian Women Like Me Subscriber Access Only
I have more in common with the girls asking "Am I ugly?" on YouTube than I care to admit.
How 'Modest Is Hottest' Is Hurting Christian Women
What the phrase communicates about female sexuality and bodies.
Why It's Your Job to Break the Women's Ministry StereotypeSubscriber Access Only
Sure, some of us are choking on cutesy things, but many of us are working towards a new model of discipleship.
Sex Sells - So Does VirginitySubscriber Access Only
Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove is being marketed as the embodiment of purity in a sex-saturated culture. Why Christians should be concerned.
The Newest U.S. Mission Field: WomenSubscriber Access Only
In order to reach educated and professional women, Christian women must be able to articulate what they believe and why. Is the church equipping them?
Why All Christians Can Back Better Gun ControlSubscriber Access Only
My allegiance to Christ trumps my allegiance to this country and its founding documents.
'The Office' Shows Even TV Romance Isn't Picture-Perfect Subscriber Access Only
How Jim and Pam's struggling marriage saved the show's final season.
Don't Blame the Bikini, Blame the Bikini CultureSubscriber Access Only
Talking modesty beyond two-piece v. one-piece.
Why Pastors Should Preach About Body ImageSubscriber Access Only
Our obsession with appearance has theological ramifications for both women and men.
Harnessing Our Humanity
Using your weaknesses to be a better leader.
Pope Francis and Our Call to Evangelize the CynicsSubscriber Access Only
Embracing the incremental work of our witness.
Are Short-Term Volunteers the Way of the Future?Subscriber Access Only
How to Start a Church in 50,000 Indonesian VillagesSubscriber Access Only
Seminary president Chris Marantika has the strategy, and he’s making steady progress.
Why Niceness Weakens Our Witness
I can’t follow Christ and also succeed at being nice.
Why My Husband of Three Years and I Go to Marriage CounselingSubscriber Access Only
Therapy is not just for couples in trouble.
Yes, We Can Learn Something from the Kardashian FiascoSubscriber Access Only
Family and friends should support the couple, not pick sides.
Gender Differences: All in the BrainSubscriber Access Only
Recent findings from neuroscience highlight why the church needs diversity in order to thrive.
The Church of People Who Like to Be Liked
A Christianity measured by niceness is antithetical to the gospel
Sin Gone ViralSubscriber Access Only
How Internet outrage hits deep.

Top Story July 12, 2020

The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power.

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