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Philippines: Kidnapped Missionaries Reported Safe
But danger increasing for Burnhams—and for workers around the world.
West Bank: Palestine's Christians Persist Despite Pressures
With escalating violence in Israel, ministries face a sad and scary situation
Before the Refugee Dam Breaks
"Agencies prepare to help up to 900,000 people in Iraq War"
North Africa: Interest in Satellite TV Up Since 9/11
North Africans are showing a growing interest in Christian programs
Abortion pill critic named to drug panel
David Hager appointed to committee despite criticism from prochoice camps
"Baptists Cut Staff, Missionaries"
The International Missions Board Lays off 37 and leaves 24 positions open
University Forbids 'Offensive' Tracts
Messianic Jew sues University of New Orleans over ban
When the Giver of Eternal Life Thirsts
A meditation on Franz Joseph Haydn's The Seven Last Words of Christ.
God Is at Work
Economic globalization is an opportunity for missions says Ken Eldred.
A Revival of Prayer
Author and speaker reports on students repenting of sin, seeking reformation.
Q&A: Hugh Hewitt
Conservative blogger, political analyst, and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Romney's bid for the White House.
Daily Faith
What Karen Kingsbury thinks readers are looking for.
Mind and Body
Struggling with depression? Try getting some exercise.
Come, Now, and Let Us "Reason" Together
The former veep is a poster child for the Angry Left.
Iran's Iron Fist
The mullahs are cracking down (once again) on dissent.
Maybe the Sky Isn't Falling
New UN study says that reports of the world's death have been greatly exaggerated.
Religion is Ridiculous?
Psychologist offers riposte to anti-religion bias.
The Rest of the Paul Harvey Story
Jerry Jenkins recalls an encounter with the legendary broadcaster.
Reflections on the Christian Book Expo
Despite disappointing attendance, the event drew good coverage.
Gay Marriage Momentum
Iowa and Vermont move ahead on a divisive issue. Should Americans be concerned?

Top Story September 26, 2020

What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
COVID-19’s ministry disruptions are generating lasting insights.

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