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Moody Closes Magazine, Restructures Aviation Program
Moody Bible Institute announces strategic changes to ensure financial stability for core education program
North Korea Human Rights Act a 'Miracle'
Michael Horowitz credits evangelicals with big role in passage.
Frist's Folly
Killing human embryos for research is not pro-life.
Crunchy Time
Rod Dreher says that conservative man cannot live by the free market alone.
Wisdom for Short-Term Missionaries
Serving With Eyes Wide Open prepares short-term missionaries to be culturally sensitive.
Living with the Darwin Fish
Why the discovery of yet another 'missing link' doesn't destroy my faith.
Sen. Rick Santorum: I Draw No Line Between My Faith and My Decisions
The Pennsylvania Republican speaks on legislating morality, why he was right about anti-sodomy laws, and his 2006 opponent-apparent, Bob Casey Jr.
A Passion for Souls
Remembering D. James Kennedy.
Amazing Newton
Aitken biography examines a giant on his own terms.
Ancient Parable, Urgent Time
We face a challenge of both global and spiritual proportions.
Missionary Myths
Why the Great Commission still applies.
The Changing Face of Apologetics
Lee Strobel doesn't think the traditional methods work anymore.
Interview: Douglas Groothuis on Good Apologetics
The philosophy professor wants all Christians to go out and defend the faith in love.
The Reformation Isn't Over
Religious Toys at Wal-Mart
Jesus action figures and other abominations.
The Ends Justify the Means
That's what proponents of a proposed Planned Parenthood abortion clinic near Chicago seem to be saying.
Looking for a Job
British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons safe at home.
Fear Itself
Voters are afraid of the future. Should we be?
Graceful Argument
Making our case in the public square.
Food Crisis: No Free Lunch
Rising prices for essentials precede riots in some parts of the developing world. Are biofuels partly to blame?

Top Story January 21, 2021

Immigration Ministries Praise Biden’s Day One Priority
Immigration Ministries Praise Biden’s Day One Priority
Proposed legislation would give 11 million a path to citizenship and prioritize keeping families together.

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