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The American Anthem
How Amazing Grace went from ignored in Britain to acclaimed in America
It's the Thoughts That Count
Why Christians can't be careless about the consumption of popular culture.
Don’t Miss Steven Curtis Chapman’s Point
Even his happiest, most heartwarming music has been fueled by tragedy and pain.
John Lennon's Born-Again Phase
"Can He love me?" the former Beatle asked Oral Roberts. "I want out of hell."
Lean, Green, & Meaningless
Current defini tions of spirituality are long on deep breathing and Mongolian chanting, but short on authentic biblical faith .
Watered-Down Love
Bob Dylan encountered Jesus in 1978, and that light has not entirely faded as he turns 60.
Popular Culture: The Ballad of John and Jesus
Two books tell the story behind John Lennon's short-lived conversion.

Top Story January 21, 2021

Immigration Ministries Praise Biden’s Day One Priority
Immigration Ministries Praise Biden’s Day One Priority
Proposed legislation would give 11 million a path to citizenship and prioritize keeping families together.

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