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Quantum of Solace
Battle for Terra
An ambitious animated sci-fi parable, Battle for Terra has visual style to burn, but its politically correct tale of rapacious invaders and noble natives is less interesting than the world in which the story is set.
The Secret of Kells
Irish monks, a woodland sprite, a young boy and Ireland's most famous illuminated manuscript grace this charming Irish indie, a Best Animated Feature nominee in an unusually competitive year.
What Christian Novel Should Be Made Film?
Observers discuss the next Christian novel that could be adapted for the screen.
Source Code
Jake Gyllenhaal has eight minutes to catch a mad bomber—again and again and again.
X-Men: First Class
Reinvents a familiar cast of characters in what might be the standout action film of the summer.
Calling for Heroic Commitment
The makers of 'Fireproof' are improving their craft with 'Courageous,' their new film about fatherhood.
We Have a Pope
A newly elected pope doesn't quite make it to the balcony in this muddled comedy-drama.
The Prestige
Be Kind Rewind
The director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow is back with his most over-the-top, overwrought, and over-long apocalypse. Ever.
Green Zone
The Bourne Locker? Not quite, but Matt Damon, Bourne director Paul Greengrass and Hurt Locker cinematographer Barry Ackroyd team up in Iraq to hunt for WMDs—or the people responsible for the futile search.
Ghost Rider
Happily N'Ever After
The Express
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
The Spirit

Top Story October 26, 2020

Will Peace with Israel Secure Sudan’s Religious Freedom?
Will $335 Million Peace with Israel Secure Sudan’s Religious Freedom?
Sudanese religious leaders and American human rights experts examine the latest and symbolically powerful Arab normalization agreement with the Jewish state.

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