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Rush Hour 3Subscriber Access Only
TradeSubscriber Access Only
2012Subscriber Access Only
The director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow is back with his most over-the-top, overwrought, and over-long apocalypse. Ever.
CaramelSubscriber Access Only
Quantum of SolaceSubscriber Access Only
X-Men: First ClassSubscriber Access Only
Reinvents a familiar cast of characters in what might be the standout action film of the summer.
Is Hollywood Anti-Catholic?Subscriber Access Only
Angels & Demons, Catholicism and the "Last Acceptable Prejudice"
Green LanternSubscriber Access Only
In brightest day, in blackest night: Green Lantern comes to theaters.
UnstoppableSubscriber Access Only
Denzel Washington and Chris Pine catch a train.
For Greater GlorySubscriber Access Only
Film highlights Mexico's battle for religious freedom in the early 1900s.
What Christian Novel Should Be Made Film?Subscriber Access Only
Observers discuss the next Christian novel that could be adapted for the screen.
We Have a PopeSubscriber Access Only
A newly elected pope doesn't quite make it to the balcony in this muddled comedy-drama.
The IllusionistSubscriber Access Only
Night at the Museum: Battle for the SmithsonianSubscriber Access Only
Ben Stiller returns as a security guard in yet another magical museum, but there’s just not much magic—or human connection—here.
Wrath of the Titans Subscriber Access Only
Damn the gods ... and these movies. A lame sequel to a lame remake. Zeus, help us!
Battle for TerraSubscriber Access Only
An ambitious animated sci-fi parable, Battle for Terra has visual style to burn, but its politically correct tale of rapacious invaders and noble natives is less interesting than the world in which the story is set.
Son of RambowSubscriber Access Only
TakenSubscriber Access Only
Liam Neeson takes on an uncharacteristically action-driven role in a dark, violent, vengeance-ridden thriller about human trafficking, from producer Luc Besson.
Knight and DaySubscriber Access Only
Despite the star power and onscreen chemistry of Cruise and Diaz, this wild and crazy action/comedy just has too many holes to work well.
Rabbit HoleSubscriber Access Only
Kidman, Eckhart give stellar performances in a quiet tale of grief and (perhaps) healing.
LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Bill Proposed in Congress
LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Bill Proposed in Congress
Fairness for All advocates hope legislation makes compromise seem possible.
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