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Jonathan Edwards: Did You Know?Subscriber Access Only
Interesting and unusual facts about Jonathan Edwards
Rediscovering the Language Jesus SpokeSubscriber Access Only
Millions of Americans have spent two hours listening to the characters in Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ speaking in an exotic, unfamiliar tongue. Yet not all find Aramaic so alien.
How Will It All End?Subscriber Access Only
Left Behind is neither the first nor the last word on "last things."
I Was in Prison and You Abused MeSubscriber Access Only
What would Jesus do at Abu Ghraib?
Martyrs of Free SpeechSubscriber Access Only
In the face of resurgent Islam, the blood of the ninth-century Cordoban martyrs poses a pressing question to Christians.
Upon Further Review…Subscriber Access Only
"Christian History Corner: Palestinian Christians, Strangers in a Familiar Land"Subscriber Access Only
"They've called the Holy Land home for centuries, but they've never actually governed themselves"
Is Speaking Truth a Hate Crime?Subscriber Access Only
Hate laws making their way through U.S. and British governments highlight the need for peaceful yet critical Christian witness. A 12th-century abbot leads the way.
A Problematic Mission?Subscriber Access Only
Would the Spanish friars of California's historic missions have lobbied for the separation of church and state?
India: Did You Know?Subscriber Access Only
Interesting facts about Christianity in India
The Council of Nicaea and its bitter aftermathSubscriber Access Only
Revisiting the Pagan Olympic GamesSubscriber Access Only
New scholarship on the ancient Olympics reminds Christians why Emperor Theodosius outlawed the event so many centuries ago.
Good HabitsSubscriber Access Only
Benedictines, Franciscans, and Dominicans all sought to live by high ideals, but only one order matched Thomas's love for both spirituality and intellect.
Opponents of AllegorySubscriber Access Only
The scholars at Antioch rejected allegory in favor of history. But their interpretive method led some into heresy.
Got Your 'Spiritual Director' Yet?Subscriber Access Only
"The roots of a resurgent practice, plus 14 books for further study"
Good News to the Jew FirstSubscriber Access Only
Critics of The Passion of the Christ assume the story embodies an anti-Semitic message. But does it?
How Will It All End?Subscriber Access Only
Left Behind is neither the first nor the last word on last things.
Courting the Catholic VoterSubscriber Access Only
In Search of the Real BalianSubscriber Access Only
In Kingdom of Heaven, Sir Ridley Scott turns Balian of Ibelin into an agnostic, but what do we know of the Balian of history?
Just War, Just Nation?Subscriber Access Only
World War II preacher points America back to the nation's soul.

Top Story August 15, 2020

Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Here are a few lines to pray before swiping left or right.

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