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Equal-Opportunity Offender
Uzbek government crackdown on Muslims worries evangelicals.
Theologian Harold O. J. Brown Dies at 74
Scholar and writer was key in mobilizing pro-life movement among evangelicals.
Burma's Christians
The country's displaced minorities maintain their distinctive faith.
In Ukraine's Capital, Mayoral Campaigns Offer Hugs and Sermons
Looking for votes among Kyiv's skeptical evangelicals.
The Candidates on Faith
The highest profile candidates in the 2008 Presidential race all profess to be Christians. And while some are more expressive than others, they've all weighed in on the role faith takes in public life. But who says what?
News of the Week Quiz
Are atheists smarter? How do white evangelicals vote? And other questions from this week's religion news.
Monster's Life Verse
What's different about evangelicals? How does Mugabe explain himself? And other questions from this week's Christian news.
Colson's Redemption
Prison Fellowship founder says he doesn't want a pardon, but the Presidential Citizen Medal means a lot.
The Post-Neuhaus Future of Evangelicals and Catholics Together
Charles Colson says the convert to Catholicism helped break down the most important barrier.
Justice vs. Peace in Sudan
Also: Psychologists explain why people go to church and the newest Christian Kosher food.
Commencement Speaker Mayday
Also: What not to preach when renting and why Americans leave church.
Operation Squirrel
Lots of birthday candles for Baptists, feuding Pentecostal pastors, and more.
What to Do about Unbiblical Unions
African churches seek a better response to polygamy than in years past as western churches address new same-sex marriages.
Um, Jesus? Are those highlights?
The Persian Passion.
Ponzi Scandal of the Day?
Kyiv megachurch leader Sunday Adelaja faces allegations he was involved in scamming congregants.
ESV Study Bible Sells Out
Crossway runs out of stock because of unexpected demand.
Did Evangelicals Change Votes or Not? Papers Don't Agree
Plus: Wal-Mart brings back Christmas, the new faces of atheism, killers of Christians on trial, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Francis Schaeffer, the Pastor-Evangelist
Bryan A. Follis on his book, Truth with Love.
'The Epitome of a Christian Woman'
A longtime friend of Ruth Graham says this woman of great faith also missed her husband deeply.
Nurturing the Living
The Army chaplain shortage is less about low numbers than about redefining what chaplains are for.

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