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When Christians Fight Christians Part 2Subscriber Access Only
The Criminologist Who Discovered ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Political scientist John DiIulio followed the data to see what would save America's urban youth.
"Violent Night, Holy Night"Subscriber Access Only
The Apocrypha tells us about the brutal and seductive world Jesus was born into
The Joy of Suffering in Sri LankaSubscriber Access Only
How Christians thrive in the land where ethnic and religious strife is always just around the corner
Let's Talk SexSubscriber Access Only
What Christian books on the topic are, and are not, communicating.
India UndauntedSubscriber Access Only
Escalating repression can't seem to dampen the church's growth.
Stamp of GlorySubscriber Access Only
The first chapter of Tim Stafford's new novel about the abolitionist movement.
Stamp of Glory (Part 3)Subscriber Access Only
The first chapter of Tim Stafford's new novel about the abolitionist movement.
Taking Back FresnoSubscriber Access Only
Working together, churches are breathing new life into a decaying California city.
A Demanding DoctorSubscriber Access Only
An admiring biography doesn't smooth out the complications of James Dobson.
Historian Ahead of His TimeSubscriber Access Only
Andrew Walls may be the most important person you don't know.
Go and Plant Churches of All PeoplesSubscriber Access Only
Crusades and personal witnessing are no longer the cutting edge of evangelism.
The Evangelical EliteSubscriber Access Only
Michael Lindsay says adherents of the movement can now be found in powerful positions in every niche of American life.
Servant EvangelismSubscriber Access Only
How Luis Palau, thousands of volunteers, and a gay mayor are trying to transform Portland.
Feeding Hope Under a Rogue RegimeSubscriber Access Only
Christian outreach to North Koreans helps to keep millions from starving.
'Best Time for a Christian'Subscriber Access Only
Resilient evangelicals vow to restore Haiti, body and soul.
India's Grassroots RevivalSubscriber Access Only
With its people turning to Christ in waves, India hosts more believers now than at any time in its 4,000-year history.
Ajith Fernando: On the Anvil of SufferingSubscriber Access Only
Offered his dream job in the United States, Fernando opted to stay in war-torn Sri Lanka, a decision that has made all the difference for the cause of Christ
Fleeing from North KoreaSubscriber Access Only
The strongest response so far at Cape Town was to an 18-year-old woman.

Top Story August 6, 2020

12 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion
12 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion
Evangelical leaders describe the damage, how Christians are helping, and the need for a hope beyond politics.

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