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The Making of a Revolution
Law professor Phillip Johnson wants to overturn the scientific establishment's "creation myth."
When Christians Fight Christians
"The Spirit unites, but the American church divides. A field guide for discerning how to handle Christian controversy."
New Theologians
These top scholars are believers who want to speak to the church.
The Business of the Kingdom
Management guru Peter Drucker thinks the future of America is in the hands of churches.
The Church's Walking Wounded
How should we respond in a psychological age?
Stamp of Glory (Part 2)
The first chapter of Tim Stafford's new novel about the abolitionist movement.
Evangelism Plus
John Stott reflects on where we've been and where we're going.
Mere Mission
N.T. Wright talks about how to present the gospel in a postmodern world.
Famine Again?
Why some places suffer food shortages decade after decade.
BOOKS: The Post-closet Era
How should Christians respond to homosexuals' public presence?
Costly Love, Radical Forgiveness
What made African bishop Festo Kivengere rejoice in the face of monstrous evil?
Unquestionable Tactics
In the trenches of day-to-day law.
Journey To The Center
Joanna Quintrell brings the Christ alternative to alternative spirituality seekers.
Faith Equals Action
To White House Fellow Adam Taylor, the math is simple.
Grace Amid Genocide
How Cambodia's Killing Fields became an extraordinary ex-Communist's mission field.
A Tale of Two Scientists: What Really Happened 'In the Beginning'
How two evangelicals—one a young-earth creationist, the other an evolutionary creationist—have lived out their faith and professions.
The Secret Life of Teenagers
Move over, ACLU
Inside Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Intimacy: Our Latest Sexual Fantasy
Editor’s note: For the past 13 years, Tim Stafford has written CAMPUS LIFE magazine’s most-read column, “Love, Sex, and the Whole Person.” The column has given Stafford occasion to think and read extensively on the subject of sexuality—especially as it affects vulnerable young people.

Top Story January 23, 2021

Should Christians Worry Free Speech Is Eroding?
Quick to Listen | 1 hr 4 min
Should Christians Worry Free Speech Is Eroding?
What social media companies’ actions toward Trump mean about the state of the First Amendment.

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