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Court Voids Holiday Exemption LawSubscriber Access Only
From Informant to InformerSubscriber Access Only
The "son of Hamas" senses God in his life before coming to Christ.
Just Shy of Schism, Anglicans May Sub-DivideSubscriber Access Only
Archbishop Rowan Williams says "two-track" model might allow traditionalists and progressives to co-exist.
Did Supreme Court Skip the More Important Obamacare Subsidies?Subscriber Access Only
Pro-life groups argue taxpayer premiums are funding abortions.
State Split: Nevada Allows, Colorado Denies Christian School VouchersSubscriber Access Only
While Nevada aggressively opens up school choice, Colorado's Supreme Court says one thing makes it unconstitutional.
Physician-Assisted Suicide in California Becomes Legal as Gov. Brown Signs BillSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Controversial law, inspired by Brittany Maynard, allows physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill.
"Inside CT: Using a Knife, Fork, and Spoon"Subscriber Access Only
Re-engineering the Seminary?Subscriber Access Only
Crisis of credibility forces change.
No Spoonful of SugarSubscriber Access Only
What sweetens your tea? Ordinary Brits cared enough to boycott.
Global UltimatumSubscriber Access Only
The larger meaning of Anglican leaders' demand that the Episcopal Church change its ways.
The Angel in the WhirlwindSubscriber Access Only
Skip the next HIV/AIDS conference and read these books instead.
No Hope of a Solution at Lambeth, conservative bishop saysSubscriber Access Only
Bishop of Egypt expected today to debate over biblical authority, human sexuality.
China Relaxes One-Child Policy, But Doesn't Expect Baby BoomSubscriber Access Only
Controversial restrictions reduced population by 400 million. Now more couples permitted two children without penalty.
Cómo los cristianos en Gaza ven el conflicto Hamas-Israelí
El pastor bautista Hanna Massad habla abiertamente sobre lo que ve que está pasando mientras ayuda a proteger a los cristianos y a otros en Gaza durante el conflicto actual.
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How to Evangelize in AfghanistanSubscriber Access Only
Died: Samuel Hugh Moffett, 98, Leading Expert in East Asia ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Global Christian mission should pivot to Asia's 4.4 billion people, Moffett said.
Northern Ireland: For God or Ulster? Part 2Subscriber Access Only
Northern Ireland takes a 'leap of faith' toward peace.
Sudden Death in DarfurSubscriber Access Only
John Danforth, new U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, demands Sudan stop murderous Arab militias.
Forgiveness 101Subscriber Access Only
Baptists and Catholics Helped Save Thousands of Florida Marriages
How Baptists and Catholics Together Helped Save Thousands of Florida Marriages
A faith-based marriage campaign in Jacksonville appears to have driven divorce rates down. Can the model be replicated?
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