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Delighted by DoctrineSubscriber Access Only
Historian Jaroslav Pelikan (1923-2006) thought theology was too important to be left to the theologians.
Catholics and Baptists TogetherSubscriber Access Only
The recent synod of bishops sounded notes Protestants can sing.
The Man Who Birthed EvangelicalismSubscriber Access Only
Carl Henry's complex legacy, 100 years after his birth.
Why We Still Need LutherSubscriber Access Only
Four hundred fifty years after his death, Martin Luther can still inspire and guide us.
A Modest ProposalSubscriber Access Only
Nine tasks egalitarians and complementarians can pursue.
Has God Played Fair?Subscriber Access Only
Why did an omniscient God create humankind knowing that people, in every generation, would reject him?
Faith-based BathingSubscriber Access Only
What role does baptism play in faith and salvation?
ARTICLE: The Translator’s TaleSubscriber Access Only
Celebrating the five-hundredth birthday of William Tyndale, the father of the English Bible.
Theology for an Age of TerrorSubscriber Access Only
Augustine's words after the 'barbarian' destruction of Rome have a remarkably contemporary ring.
The Blessed Evangelical MarySubscriber Access Only
Why we shouldn't ignore her any longer
Against the StreamSubscriber Access Only
Chuck Colson had a prophetic voice because he first had a servant's heart.
The Secrets to Graham’s Success
Five factors that show why the evangelist turned the world upside down.
ARTICLE: Passing the Southern Baptist TorchSubscriber Access Only
Preserving a rich theological heritage.
Protestants Can Affirm the “Communion of Saints” and the “Holy Catholic Church.”Subscriber Access Only
These phrases from the Apostle’s Creed can evoke unity and community.
You Must Be Born Again—but at What Age?Subscriber Access Only
In some baptistic circles, the age for baptism has steadily declined so that many churches are practicing "toddler baptism.
Our Francis, TooSubscriber Access Only
Why we can enthusiastically join arms with the Catholic leader.
An Improbable AllianceSubscriber Access Only
Catholics and evangelicals used to fight over religious liberty. Not anymore.
Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?Subscriber Access Only
The answer to this question reveals the heart of our faith.
The Radical ConservativeSubscriber Access Only
Richard John Neuhaus helped inspire a generation of evangelicals to participate boldly in the public square.
Sorry, James and David: Silas and Obadiah Are Today’s Trending Bible Names.
Sorry, James and David: Silas and Obadiah Are Today’s Trending Bible Names.
Weird biblical names are on the rise. What’s behind the trend?
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