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Has God Been Held Hostage by Philosophy?
"A forum on free-will theism, a new paradigm for understanding God."
The Blessed Evangelical Mary
Why we shouldn't ignore her any longer
EDITORIAL: The Lure of the Apocalypse
Christ's second coming is not just fodder for fanatics, but a nonnegotiable truth.
Is Christ Divided?
And two more apostolic questions today's church must answer.
Protestants Can Affirm the “Communion of Saints” and the “Holy Catholic Church.”
These phrases from the Apostle’s Creed can evoke unity and community.
The 'Big Love' Strategy
What are Americans learning from pop culture portrayals of polygamy?
Against the Stream
Chuck Colson had a prophetic voice because he first had a servant's heart.
The Secrets to Graham’s Success
Five factors that show why the evangelist turned the world upside down.
What We Mean When We Say It’s True
Evangelicals and Catholics Together: A New Initiative
"The Gift of Salvation" A remarkable statement on what we mean by the gospel.
Battle For the Past
As traditions clashed during the Reformation, history became hotly disputed territory.
ARTICLE: Passing the Southern Baptist Torch
Preserving a rich theological heritage.
Love Amidst the Brokenness
The fall of Rome was the 9/11 of the ancient world; Alaric, its Osama bin Laden. As the "eternal city" crumbled, Augustine of Hippo pointed Christians to the City of God—the eternal church on pilgrimage through a world that is not our home.
John Calvin: Comeback Kid
Why the 500-year-old Reformer retains an enthusiastic following today.
What do we gain from a bodily resurrection?
Flaming Truth: Recalling Francis Schaeffer's Challenge
With laser-like precision, Schaeffer hit on the fundamental issue of our day.
First They Came for the Catholics: Obama's Contraceptive Mandate
An open letter to evangelical Christians.
You Must Be Born Again—but at What Age?
In some baptistic circles, the age for baptism has steadily declined so that many churches are practicing "toddler baptism.
The Lasting Contributions of a Wretched Worm
Was Carey right when he said, "I have done little for God"?
What Makes This Week Holy?
Jewish and Christian celebrations this week aren't just springtime rituals.

Top Story October 26, 2020

Will Peace with Israel Secure Sudan’s Religious Freedom?
Will $335 Million Peace with Israel Secure Sudan’s Religious Freedom?
Sudanese religious leaders and American human rights experts examine the latest and symbolically powerful Arab normalization agreement with the Jewish state.

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