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Evangelicals and Catholics Together: A New Initiative
"The Gift of Salvation" A remarkable statement on what we mean by the gospel.
Battle For the Past
As traditions clashed during the Reformation, history became hotly disputed territory.
ARTICLE: Passing the Southern Baptist Torch
Preserving a rich theological heritage.
Love Amidst the Brokenness
The fall of Rome was the 9/11 of the ancient world; Alaric, its Osama bin Laden. As the "eternal city" crumbled, Augustine of Hippo pointed Christians to the City of God—the eternal church on pilgrimage through a world that is not our home.
John Calvin: Comeback Kid
Why the 500-year-old Reformer retains an enthusiastic following today.
What do we gain from a bodily resurrection?
Flaming Truth: Recalling Francis Schaeffer's Challenge
With laser-like precision, Schaeffer hit on the fundamental issue of our day.
First They Came for the Catholics: Obama's Contraceptive Mandate
An open letter to evangelical Christians.
A Theology to Die For
Theologians are not freelance scholars of religion, but trustees of the deposit of faith.
A Modest Proposal
Nine tasks egalitarians and complementarians can pursue.
The Promise of Benedict XVI
Evangelicals can be glad that the new pope is not likely to be a mere caretaker.
The Reluctant Reformer
Calvin would have preferred the library carrel to the pulpit.
Calvin's Biggest Mistake
Why he assented to the execution of Michael Servetus.
Sacrilege Is Real
Why so many Christians saw Pussy Riot's Russia stunt as more than a protest.
What I'd Like to Tell the Pope About the Church
Responding to the main criticism Catholics have against evangelicals: that we have no doctrine of the church.
The 'Baptist Pope'
W.A. Criswell showed remarkable openness and flexibility when these traits were rare among evangelicals.
A Peace Plan for the Gender War
How to love your egalitarian or complementarian neighbor as yourself.
Delighted by doctrine
Civility Under Fire: Chuck Colson & Timothy George Revive MLK's Legacy
Dr. King's response to critical clergy is full of lessons for today.
Education Is in Our DNA
We should support every effort to upgrade our failing schools.

Top Story January 19, 2021

Biden’s Big Bible Is Heavy with History, Symbolism
Biden’s Big Bible Is Heavy with History, Symbolism
Experts say the second Catholic president is pointing to American tradition and deep personal roots.

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