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Who's Afraid of Her Own Authority?
As women, we’re often taught to fear power. Here’s how I’ve overcome that fear.
God’s Message on ‘Ash Valentine’s Day’: True Love Dies
When the first day of Lent falls on a romantic holiday, love and death meet up.
It’s Not Billy Graham Rule or Bust
15 ways my husband and I guard our marriage while still loving our friends of the opposite sex.
Richard Mouw Wrestles with Evangelicalism, Past and PresentSubscriber Access Only
Reading his book is like enjoying a cup of tea with a wise elder statesman.
The Necessary Partnership of Truth and CharitySubscriber Access Only
How the concept of the 'via media' might help us restore civil discourse.
If Easter Is Only a Symbol, Then to Hell with It
The empty tomb is evidence that God’s love triumphs over death. That truth endures with or without us.
Come Out of Your Gender-Role Foxholes
How men and women can have better conversations about leadership, love, and life together.
Check Your Privilege ObsessionSubscriber Access Only
Instead of fighting injustice, we end up fighting each other.
No Longer UnashamedSubscriber Access Only
Certain shame can push us to repentance and our God of grace.
A Grown-Up, Not Sexed-Up, View of WomanhoodSubscriber Access Only
The dialogue we missed about Miley Cyrus and coming of age.
We Can Agree to Disagree on Women's Ordination Subscriber Access Only
Bridging the battle lines of the female clergy debate.
Nuestros hermosos, imperfectos antepasados Cristianos
Como sureña, tengo que luchar con el legado manchado de mis antepasados; como creyente, también tengo que hacer lo mismo.
The Gender Conversation We Aren’t HavingSubscriber Access Only
Why sexism deserves more attention than the complementarian-egalitarian debates.
The Wrong Kind of ChristianSubscriber Access Only
I thought a winsome faith would win Christians a place at Vanderbilt’s table. I was wrong.
The Prophetic Voice of Leslie KnopeSubscriber Access Only
What 'Parks and Rec' teaches us about loving people and place.
The Church Is Your MomSubscriber Access Only
Maybe not a perfect mother, but a mother worth celebrating nonetheless.
The Church Made Vagina Sculptures Long Before Nadia Bolz-Weber
But early Christian yonic art symbolized baptism, not free sex.
Angels We Ignore On HighSubscriber Access Only
Reintroducing evangelicals to the heavenly hosts.
Our Own Kind of Time Subscriber Access Only
Entering Advent and getting caught up in the church calendar.
We’re So Unashamed We Wrote a Book on It. Three of Them, Actually
Christians still need a better understanding of the complexity of shame.

Top Story August 8, 2020

How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
As Christian parents, our children must know we will keep them safe. But that does not mean keeping them comfortable.

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