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Rival 9/11 Remembrances in Houston SuburbSubscriber Access Only
News expected in Anglican dispute, another Christian sentenced in Pakistan, and other stories from online sources from around the world
"Bomb Explosion During Mass Stirs Fear, Public Outcry in Bangladesh"Subscriber Access Only
Suspects linked to rash of attacks
Beach blanket rebirthSubscriber Access Only
Luis Palau to take Fort Lauderdale spring break festival nationwide
I Was a Time Bomb
Jonah 33's Vince Lichlyter wanted to live life his own way.
Different Journeys, Same Destination
Shane & Shane share their stories of faith.
Why We Do Hard Things
The teen authors of Do Hard Things are challenging you to join their rebellion against low expectations.
The Dark Knight RisesSubscriber Access Only
A rousing and satisfying—if conventional—conclusion that fails to rise to the level of excellence of its predecessors.
Coverage of About Schmidt Casts Shadow on Child SponsorshipSubscriber Access Only
Oscar-nominated film is causing positive and negative ripples in the press and in relief agencies
IgorSubscriber Access Only
I Needed to Find Myself
Hawk Nelson's Daniel Biro made some mistakes as he was trying to figure out his faith.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterSubscriber Access Only
Ridiculous? Yes. But Abe's vampire slaying makes for an entertaining action flick and an earnest modern folk tale.
Spirit in the Sky?Subscriber Access Only
Mother of the child in Pledge of Allegiance case speaks out
Chinese Court Overturns House-Church Death SentencesSubscriber Access Only
W.W.J.D. coming to the F.D.A and the next hotbed of Islamic radicalism
The Supreme Court Rules That Abortion Protesters Are Not RacketeersSubscriber Access Only
Mister Rogers dies of cancer and other stories from online sources around the world
"Taliban Investigation Widens, No Access Given to Prisoners"Subscriber Access Only
"Archbishop Milingo's wife protests, and allegations pile up against Frost."
Federal Funds Approved to Study Fetal Stem CellsSubscriber Access Only
Life ethics advocates troubled by the discrepancy that allows days-old embryos more protection than more mature fetuses.
Back to School with Kutless
We sat down with three of the guys from Kutless to talk about what they were like in high school.
Entertaining Faith
Making sense of the messages in mainstream music, movies and TV.
I Never Died. No, Never
An exclusive interview with a guy who didn't die.
My Road to Emmaus Ran Through East Los Angeles
My Road to Emmaus Ran Through East Los Angeles
Suffering and ministry turmoil left me devastated. Jesus met me there.
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