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'Only Cellular Life'?
Christians, leaders, and bioethics watchdogs react to the announcement that human embryos have been cloned.
'A Rock Band That's Good for Something'
The author of Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2 talks about why politicians listen to Bono
Philippine President, New Tribes Mission Speak Out On Negotiations With Kidnappers
Bush delivers a testimony, and alleged sex abuse victims accuse the Vatican of a cover-up
Questionable Death Threats Made Against the Burnhams
Fire in the Church of the Nativity and other stories from online sources around the world
Is Attacking Iraq Moral?
Christian leaders disagree, too.
Seven Pakistani Christians Killed in Attack on Charity
Troops arrive to protect missionary children trapped in Ivory Coast school
Tornado Hits Union University
Blown out windows and demolished roofs but no injuries left in severe storm's wake.
Wall Watchers Admits Error in Ministry Critique
In addition, three other organizations removed from group's Transparency Watch list
"Come for the Music, Stay for the Worship"
"Diversity in artists, worship and people last through 18 years of the Cornerstone Festival."
New Rules Surface in Afghanistan
Bush delivers a big announcement tonight and mass-arrests in Lebanon lead to unrest
Where Does the Faith-Based Initiative Stand?
"Observers look to Bush support, discussion, and the hiring exemption as keys to Charitable Choice legislation"
Christian Charities Worry About Donation Plunge
Relief agencies watch for a decrease in giving and debate how to use 9.11.01 in appeals.
The Rolling Superchic[k] Revue
It's not just a band of shifting players. It's a state of mind and a movement
"Weblog: As Gracia Goes Home, Fight Against Abu Sayyaf Expands"
"How the press covers Catholic sex scandals, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Influential Teacher and Leader Kenneth Kantzer Dies
The former Trinity Seminary dean and Christianity Today editor was a genuine example of a Christian life.
Jesus' Woodstock
"After 20 summers of love, the Cornerstone Festival still opens doors for unknown musicians and unlocks truth for hungry minds"
Hip-Hop Opera
A rock musical for a new generation tells the gospel in MTV language—for better or for worse.
Power Punch Praise
The Benjamin Gate delivers worship music to the technology-driven 21st Century
Rising to the Top
British band Steve mixes creative praise with driving rock
In Perspective: 'Singer of Simple Songs'
Rock, country, and Christian artists find inspiration in September 11's terrorist attacks.

Top Story February 27, 2021

And Campaign to Add 13 New Chapters During Pandemic
And Campaign to Add 13 New Chapters During Pandemic
Political tensions and growing racial awareness have fueled interest in its message of social justice and biblical morality.

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