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My Search for a Truly 'Creative' Church
What a 7-month tour through nearly 20 congregations taught me about God's imaginative people.
In ‘Logan’, Wolverine Confronts the Wages of SinSubscriber Access Only
Hugh Jackman's final performance as the iconic mutant brings him face to face with his own mortality.
‘The Young Pope’ Takes an Anxious Look at the Danger of DoubtSubscriber Access Only
HBO's unsettling Vatican satire asks what happens when spiritual leaders shirk their own faith.
Why True Crime Is Making a ComebackSubscriber Access Only
We have all been Jinxed and Serialed.
Lone SurvivorSubscriber Access Only
A war docudrama bent on accuracy that raises questions about morality and reminds us about sacrifice.
The Sacred Gift of Selfies
Craig Detweiler sees spiritual significance underneath the stereotypes.
The Difficulty (and Beauty) of VulnerabilitySubscriber Access Only
Openness in personal relationships can bring pain, but it also offers unrivaled love and support.
For TV's Gaffigans, Church Is a 'Miracle' On-Screen and Off
Writer, producer, and mother of five Jeannie Gaffigan on how faith feeds her family's comedic calling.
LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Bill Proposed in Congress
LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Bill Proposed in Congress
Fairness for All advocates hope legislation makes compromise seem possible.
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