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High-Capacity Halftimers
How one church finds and deploys an untapped wealth of talent.
Searching for a New Pastor
Learn from the successes and failures other churches experienced as they sought a new pastor.
The Great Small~Group Takeover
When Should Newcomers Become Leaders?
How to pace leadership development.
The persistent creativity required to find a place to worship.
Largest Seminary Almost Goes Under
State Closes King's College
A Tough Act to Follow
A conversation with Jonathan Falwell.
John Leo’s Counterpunch Morality
Counterpunch Morality: How columnist John Leo challenges the moral assumptions of the cultured elite.
Setting the House Afire
Church on video brings worship services to Little Rock firefighters.
4 Steps Toward Better Meetings
How to get the most of your leadership team.
5 Steps for Disciple Multiplication
A simple tool for apprenticing followers of Christ who can apprentice others.
They Like Me, They Like Me Not
How to respond to hidden agendas and private opinions
Faithful Friends
A church that loves those with HIV.
Not Your Mama's Church
A multi-ethnic movement to reach leaders of the next generation.
Countdown to Summer Festival
This church takes family camp to the extreme and affects the entire community.
How Pastors Are Passing the Leadership Baton
Succession plans can destroy a church. Or help it thrive for years to come. What are the keys to success?
Pornography Restrictions Urged

Top Story January 18, 2021

It’s Not Enough to Preach Racial Justice. We Need to Champion Policy Change.
It’s Not Enough to Preach Racial Justice. We Need to Champion Policy Change.
The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us to push past tweetable quotes and ‘big talk’ to practice true Christlike love.

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