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Feed the Children Battles Controversy
Relief organization seeks credibility rehabilitation after newspaper investigation.
Conservatives Voice Support for Bauer
Conservatives Voice Support for Bauer
Business Funnels Profits to Churches
Holding the Middle Ground
United Methodists reject homosexual marriages and ordinations.
Ecumenism: Time to Kiss and Make Up?
The financially strapped NCC reaches out to evangelicals and Roman Catholics.
The Weigh Is NarrowSubscriber Access Only
As former employees claim they were pressured to join Shamblin's church, the Weigh Down Workshop leader attempts to clarify her stance on the Trinity.
A Silent Celebration of PrayerSubscriber Access Only
Judge upholds a minute of silence in school, Bill Bright's lung condition, and video sales to ensure the movie won't get Left Behind at the box office.
Was the Messiah a Vegetarian?
Ban May Go to Supreme Court
Bioethics:New Stem-Cell Research Guidelines Criticized
NIH guidelines skirt ethical issues about embryo destruction, charge bioethicists
Higher Education: Eagles, Crusaders, and Trolls—Oh My!
Christian colleges rethink sports mascots.
Texas Baptists Redirect $5 Million from the SBCSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Homosexual organizations disapprove of Case's donations, and Tom Mahon on a digital Sabbath.
One Conjoined Twin Dies After Surgical SeparationSubscriber Access Only
Remaining twin is making steady progress doctors say.
Methodists Freeze NCC Funding
Church says questions unanswered over organization's $4 million debt.
Christian Groups Labeled 'Cultic'
Religious Freedom Report Rebukes China OthersSubscriber Access Only
State Department finds many nations' religious freedoms deteriorating, but some are improved.
Howling Over HalloweenSubscriber Access Only
Plus: She's not ordained so it wasn't preaching, Chinese concubines increase, and Ebola claims more victims.
We May Not Know Who Is President But...Subscriber Access Only
We've got info on the souls of robots, Islam's growing influence in Southeast Asia, and the popularity of pagan groups on college campuses.
Downsizing: Prison Fellowship Downsizing
Organization says closing 20 offices and eliminating 100 staff positions are part of attempt to involve churches and volunteers more directly in prison ministry.

Top Story April 1, 2020

Playing God: Pandemic Brings Moral Dilemmas to US Hospitals
Playing God: Pandemic Brings Moral Dilemmas to US Hospitals
Two Christian bioethicists on life or death issues that American doctors may soon face.

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