If Only Wesley Were Here
Checks against Syncretism
Preaching Christ or Packaging Jesus?
How does culture affect the way we understand- and explain-the gospel?
Your Pain in My Heart
We cannot know Christ unless, like Christ, we become engaged with those who suffer.
Preaching in the Other Guy’s Shoes
How and why we turn to God.
“Listen Yahweh”
The Elizabethan rhythms in most translations of the Psalms hide the fact that these are not the prayers of nice people.
Christmas on Tiptoe
God came down the backstairs at Bethlehem.
Whose Child Is This?
The early church's opponents claimed Jesus was illegitimate. Its heretical fringe said he wasn't human. The doctrine of the Virgin Birth set them both straight.
In Praise of Foolish Lovers
Why would Martin Luther and Jonathan Edwards make fools of themselves over the return of Christ?
Dedalus’s Complaint
For Christian virtue to rise above its pale and monotonous image, it must, like art, become a bridge between the visible and the invisible.
Brave New Harvest
Fetal-cell transplants can help victims of debilitating disease. But is the price too high?
Candid Camera
An Elegant Christmas
The Evangelical Closet

Top Story May 18, 2024

AI Preachers and Teachers? No Thanks, Say Most Americans.
AI Preachers and Teachers? No Thanks, Say Most Americans.
American Bible Society study finds majority don’t trust technology with spiritual matters.

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