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Middle East

Who's to Blame for the Mideast's Unmerry Christmas?

Plus: The Pope and Ahmadinejad, Kansas' abortion battle, what happened to Jesus' foreskin, churchgoers remember Ford, and other stories from online sources around the world.

No "top five" today. Just a question: In the Christian calendar, Christmas continues until Epiphany (January 6). So if you take your decorations down this weekend, are you part of the "war on Christmas"? On a similar note, why have almost all the organizations that made such a big deal about putting Christ back in Christmas already dropped references to Christmas from their website home pages? Was all that really just about the shopping season?

Rowan Williams on Iraq and Israel | Iraq | Executing Saddam | Christmas in Israel and Palestine | Elsewhere in the Mideast | Christians and Islam | Boston Globe forum on interfaith relations | Iran | India | China | Religious freedom | Christmas wars | Holiday displays | More on Christmas | Church and state | Ministry lawsuits | Keith Ellison and Virgil Goode | Politics | Mitt Romney | Kansas abortion battle | Life ethics | Science and medicine | Money and business | Giving | Church life | New Life Church | Bellevue Baptist Church | Abuse | Crime ...
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