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Haggard Puzzle Partly Solved

But several questions persist about the charity that receives his funds.

Last night, KRDO reporter Tak Landrock e-mailed me, assuring me that the fund-raising letter from Ted Haggard (see my previous posts here and here) was genuine. Landrock then e-mailed me again, promising a new article on the subject would be posted overnight.

Here's the link to that new article, entitled "Ted Haggard's Non-Profit Choice Questioned."

One question that has been partially resolved has to do with the legal status of Families with a Mission, the charity that Ted Haggard had designated to receive donated funds. Lawyer Dave Coffman had discovered that the non-profit had been dissolved in February. Haggard-baiting lust columnist Dan Savage posted the relevant documents from the Colorado Secretary of State on the Seattle-based Stranger.com. What was Haggard doing using a defunct charity?

Families with a Mission has told Landrock that it is a bona fide legal entity in Hawaii. And Landrock says that checks out.

Remaining questions? Why did Ted Haggard give a Colorado address for the charity? Haggard didn't respond to questions about that.

And what about Paul Huberty, the registered sex offender who runs the non-profit? Haggard wouldn't comment to Landrock on that subject either.

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