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Carding For Communion Wine

Plus: British Airways relents on cross necklaces, McCain changes positions on reform bill amid Dobson "amends," orthodoxy trumping AICs, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Today's Top Five

1. Nebraska considers bill barring underage Communion wine Nebraska's current law allows for "the possession and dispensation of alcoholic liquor by an authorized representative of any religion on the premises of a place of worship, for the purpose of conducting any bona fide religious rite, ritual, or ceremony." A new bill, LB 261, would specifically strip that provision. It's not an oversight. That's the point of the bill—to strip that wording and thus ban houses of worship from dispensing alcohol, like Communion wine—to minors. Oddly enough, the sponsor of the bill, Lowen Kruse, is a retired minister in the United Methodist Church, and his website's home page lists churches in his district. Five other members of the Nebraska legislature signed on as cosponsors. One earlier cosponsor, Annette Dubas, has pulled her support. Now Kruse has, too. Or rather, he'll offer an amendment to his bill, allowing minors to consume up to two ounces of alcohol as part of a ...

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