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The List: WordWatch

Websites for people who have to do a fair amount of writing, suggested by Jerry B. Jenkins, author of Writing for the Soul and owner of Christian Writer's Guild.

Common Errors in English


Am I pouring over a manuscript or poring over it? Did I effect a change or affect it? Am I further from my point or farther? The correct choice (and why) is likely here.

One Across


For word lovers, here are more crosswords and anagrams and cryptograms than one could hope for.

Urban Legends Reference Pages


Tired of mass broadcasts of stories that are just too good to be true? Like Julie Andrews making up new words for "My Favorite Things" and singing them at Radio City Music Hall when she turned 69? Go to Snopes.com and enter "Julie Andrews" for the sad truth. The lyrics are funny, but the story is false.

Plain Language Association International


For those who resonate with simple, clear language, these people share the wealth. Their resources include lists of their members' sites, other plain-language sites, and general writing sites. If you can't find it here, you likely ...

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